Disney Week Day 2: The Parks

The parks are the reason to go to Disney World and we spent time at all four parks.  The Magic Kingdom is probably my favorite still but I enjoy all of them and have favorite things to do at all of them.  The thing I like best about Disney World is, they do not have a lot of roller coasters.  I do not like roller coasters on bit so I need some place that has other alternatives, fun easy rides, and Disney is it.  Don’t get me wrong Disney World does have some roller coasters but only a small handful.  No matter what kind of adventure you are looking for Disney should have it.

Here is a break down of the parks…

Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom

The Magic Kingdom is great for younger kids, for those who like story telling rides, or just plain kids at heart.  Like me!




EPCOT is great for someone who likes science and travel.  The World Showcase is like talking a walk around the world.


Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom is all about the animals.


Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios probably has the most for thrill seekers but they have other stuff to see and do too.  Everything at Hollywood Studios revolves around the movies and TV.


Disney also has two water parks if that is your speed.



Rides, shows, and food to be covered in other blog posts this week.





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