Archive | June 2015

Southern Belle Sings

I cannot carry a tune in a bucket so Karaoke is out for me. But that doesn’t mean I can’t think about if I ever did Karaoke which song I would choose to sing. And I think without a doubt if I ever was brave enough (or drunk enough) to Karaoke my song would be Delta Dawn by Tanya Tucker. That is my go to song it seems. At home every time I get the urge to sing that seems to be the song I sing. I don’t know what it is about that song but I find myself singing it a lot. In the shower, in the car, watching TV, it does not matter and most of the time I don’t even realize I am singing it. There is going to be no Karaoke for this Southern Belle, so no one has to worry about my butchering this song, unless you live with me and then I can make no promises. 

Southern Belle’s Treat for Herself 

Sometimes a Belle just has to splurge on herself! I bought these little beauties for myself this week! 


 This is my first pair, and maybe my only pair, of Freshwater Pearls. And the best part is I did not have to pay for them fully myself. I had a gift card that paid for the biggest chunk of them, but it still counts as splurging on me. Now I just need somewhere to wear them.

Swapping Sweat at Disney World? 

I consider myself a pretty big Disney Fan but you could not pay me to go to Disney World in June, July, or August. Not only is it the most crowded time of year it is also the hottest time of year in Florida. It’s not much of a happy place when you are stuck in hot tight courters with all those hot sweaty people. That’s right a million dollars would not even get me to go swap sweat with a stranger while waiting in 100 degree heat for over an hour to ride It’s A Small World. No thank you! I will take my AC back here in K-Y. Don’t get me wrong it is crowded all year long and Florida is warm pretty much all year, but I would much rather take on the crowds in early May or October. At least then it’s a little cooler and the sweat swapping may be at a minimum. 

Auntie Blog

I think I am going to start watching the baby on my off days or at least some of my off days. Maybe I should write an Auntie Blog, instead of a Mommy Blog, I thing that could be a thing. I know I am not really an aunt but I feel like an aunt to those kids and not a second cousin. I am a pseudo Aunt! I think I could have lots to say as a pseudo Aunt. I could give product reviews and reviews about places we have gone. Hey it’s just a thought! 

First Dance Recital

The six year old had her first dance recital Saturday night. Oh my gosh! She was so cute in her pink and blue frilly costume; she looked like a piece of cotton candy. She did a great job too! She smiled the whole time and danced every move. She was eating it up being the center of attention. I even think she would have slept in that costume if she was allowed. They are so funny at that age!