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Disney World Favorites

Favorite Resort Hotel to Stay: Port Orleans Riverside (POR)

Favorite Restaurant: Be Our Guest (dinner)

Favorite Snack: Dole Whip

Favorite Mickey Shaped Snack: Pretzel

Favorite Ride: Kilimanjaro Safari

Favorite Show: Beauty and the Beast (Hollywood Studios)

Favorite Nighttime Show: Happily Ever After (Magic Kingdom) (there is just something magical about fireworks over the castle)

Favorite Shop: Uptown Jewelers (Magic Kingdom) (one stop shopping for my Dooney & Burke’s and Pandora Charms)

Favorite Park: Magic Kingdom (while I enjoy all four of them, there is just something special about the Magic Kingdom)

Favorite Event/Festival: EPCOT Flower and Garden

Disney Favorites

Favorite Animated Movie: Sleeping Beauty

Favorite Live Action Movie: The One and Only Genuine Original Family Band

Favorite Princess: Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)

Favorite Prince: Prince Philip (Sleeping Beauty)

Favorite Non Royal: Mary Poppins (because I too am practically perfect (LOL))

Favorite Song: Down in New Orleans (The Princess and the Frog) (it makes me think of POR every time I hear it)

Favorite Sidekick: Chip (Beauty and the Beast)

Favorite Villain: Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty)

Favorite Pixar Movie: The Good Dinosaur

Favorite Sleeping Beauty Dress Color: Pink

My Disney World Favorites Week Day 4: Kilimanjaro Safaris

Of all the things at Disney, Kilimanjaro safaris is one of the only if not the only you will never be the same each time you ride it. I love seeing all the animals.

My Disney Favorites Week Day 3: Be Our Guest

I fell in love with this restaurant last year. The details from the movie are amazing. The ceiling of the ballroom is just like the ceiling in the movie and there is a snowing wall. The food is good too. You can even try the grey stuff. And meet the Beast at dinner.

My Disney Favorites Week Day 2: Toy Story Midway Mania

This ride is so much fun. It’s a 3D ride of video arcade games. The goal is to be the high scorer in the car. The graphics are cute and it’s just a very fun little game.

Disney Week Day 7: The Ears, The Magic Bands, and Beyond


  • A must purchase at Disney is the Mickey ears.  Every where you look someone is wearing one of the hats or headbands.  I have sure spent my fair share or them.  I have purchased my fare of Mickey ears.  Last year I purchased four pairs and I purchased one more this year.
  • I loved the Magic Bands!  I thought they were a great idea and I think it has room to expand.  It was nice not to worry about loosing a plastic card that was your room key and entrance to the parks.  It was nice knowing your key to the world was right there on your wrist.  They did get a little hot and sweaty in the heat but still worth having it so handy.
  • I did not end up getting a Mickey’s Kitchen Sink Sundae.  I really wanted one but was never hungry enough for the ice cream.  I have a plan B though.
  • I went to Disney World as a kid but I find as I get older I like it more and want to go there more.