The Friendship List by Susan Mallory

While I am not completely done reading this book yet. It has been a great summertime read. I’ve enjoyed the characters and their friendship, and the adventure of this book. I’m really looking forward to see how it finally ends.

Catching Up

I hope everyone is staying safe and happy. While COVID has forced me to slow down in my personal life (which in some ways I’m thankful for) it has made my work life busier and busier.

One thing for sure I am becoming more of a homebody. I love coming home from work putting my nightgown on and staying in. And I’m going to be doing more of it very soon. My dad is getting ready to have knee replacement surgery. Even more lazy nightgown time. I hoping in the upcoming weeks I will get back into the reading grove I was in.

Stay safe and happy. And thanks for reading.

Forbidden Lust by: Karen Booth

I’m sure this is a wonderful book but being as it is book two in the series of seven, I just couldn’t make my self get into it. At least not without reading the first book. I would read something that I’m sure was part of the first book and I would get discouraged that I had not read it yet. I know some people not mind not reading other books in a series but for me it is a must. I hate walking away from an already started book but I didn’t make it too far since I was fighting with myself to read it. But I will be coming back to it for sure. I just want to give the focus to the whole series that it deserves.

More Than Neighbors by: Shannon Stacey

There is nothing better than crawling up with a book on a hot June Sunday afternoon. That is exactly what I did while reading this book and it was a perfect summer read.

The characters in this book are so much fun. Cam, is trying to figure out who he is after learning a long family secret. Meredith and her daughter are looking for a fresh start in the town Meredith grew up in. The adventure these five (including the dog and cat) start taking together over one summer is so much fun. And maybe that adventure is the key to both Cam and Meredith figuring out just what they want out of life.

This was the first book in the Blackberry Bay Series and I can’t wait for more. Especially if all the characters are as fun as these characters were.


Last evening I was just about ready to hit publish on my next book review and it froze up and kicked me out. And of course I lost everything. I hate when that happens. Sorry, next book review will be coming a little later.

Christmas from the Heart by: Sheila Roberts 

I’m sure this is a great book and I still hope to go back and finish reading it but I just could not get into it and I finally decided it was better to walk away for a while since this was the book that was holding me up from reading the rest of them.  In truth I probably should have done it a few weeks ago but I kept holding out hope I would get into the book and I hate to only half read a book.  I like giving my all to a book I am reading.   

Cowboy Christmas Redemption by: Maisey Yates 

(Personal Note: This is a book in a series of books and there are actually a few before it.  While this can be read as a stand alone and it was the first book of the series I read, I personally wish I had more exposure to the series before reading this book.  I have plans to change that in the new year.)

Who doesn’t want a cowboy for Christmas?  I know I would gladly take one.  Well, that might just be what the main character, Ellie Bell, will be getting for her Christmas gift.  And to top it off her cowboy could just be her best friend, Caleb Dalton.  

Ellie sets out to start moving on after her husband passed away but her plan may just bring gifts she wasn’t planning for and turning her life upsidedown at the same time.  While some parts of this book where a little slow for me.  I really did enjoy reading it and can’t wait to strart reading the complete series in the new year.