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Goodbye Shop Disney Parks App

Tomorrow is the end of an era for me. The Shop Disney Parks app is going away and I’m really going to miss it. I loved being able to see where I might be able to find something in the park plus be able to get my passholder discount. That is the one thing I dislike most about Shop Disney, not being able to get my passholder discount.

Goodbye Shop Disney Parks, I’m going to miss you.

Southern Belle Reads: 3 Books 1 Weekend

I was a busy little reader this Memorial Day Weekend. I read three books and started a fourth. They are the books of the Oklahoma Land Rush Series by Carolyn Brown. Carolyn Brown is quickly becoming on of my favorite authors.

A Surprise Find

As a daughter of a firefighter growing up no matter how hard we tried firefighting was all around me. My first dog was a Dalmatian who needed a fire name, so I was told. As an 8 year old girl that’s a little hard to do, so her name was Ariel, which ended up being two fold. The Little Mermaid was newly out (and being the Disney obsessed kid that I was) and the fire department had just bought their first Ariel fire truck (that big shinny new truck was amazing in my eight year olds eyes). The first R rated movie I saw was Backdraft I felt special being able to watch such adult movie at such a young age, plus I thought William Baldwin was pretty cute. To this day I still like that movie and stop on it if I see it on TV. Well guess my surprise this weekend when I found Backdraft 2 on Netflix, and noticed at least two of the original stars were in it, yes one being William Baldwin. I started watching it but didn’t get to finish it, but I will.

A First for Me (for sometime at least)

Last night/this morning I did something I haven’t done in a really long time. Stay up half the night reading. I used to do it a lot but anymore I can hardly stay awake past ten o’clock. But there is something about these Morgan’s Run books that just draw me in and make it hard for me to put them down. That was the most recent in the series so hopefully tonight I will sleep like a baby.

Graduation Season

It’s hard to believe this weekend marks thirteen years since I graduated from College. Some days it seems like just yesterday and then others it feels so long ago. I have learned a lot since that day and there are even some things I would do differently. But the majority I would not do differently. Even though my full time job is not my passion I have come a long way and I’ve had fun (for the most part) along the way. So to all those new graduates out there, good luck. Make sure to do what makes you happy and always follow your dreams, even if it takes ten, fifteen, or twenty years to find your dream.