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Southern Belle Reads: Liane Moriarty

I know Big Little Lies is all the rage right now. And I will admit I have not gotten on the band wagon, yet or at all, I’m not real sure yet which it will be. But I did just finished a Liane Moriarty book, The Husband’s Secret. All I can say is wow! This book kept me on the edge of my seat. Such a powerful and emotional story. It was not a typical book type of book you would find me reading but I’m really glad I did.

Southern Belle Reads: What to Read Next

I thought I knew what direction I wanted to go next but since my Memorial Day weekend reading marathon I haven’t been in much of a reading mood. I think I might take a few more days (till Saturday) and then try to decide what direction to head in next. I have so many books I want to read too.


Today was my first day this week I had to check into reality. I broke down and took a few days off to recharge. It was so nice. A few days of not having to rush, being able to sleep in, being able to take an afternoon nap if I wanted and the freedom to take a shower whenever. I thought I would read more but I didn’t. We did however decide to go to Frankenmuth Michigan for a few days. That helped for a nice change of pace too. It was really hard checking back into reality today. On the plus side I have two days to ease back in this week.

Reading Slow Down

Ever since my Memorial Day Reading Marathon I’ve had a reading slow night. I’m reading a book and I like it but I’m just not into it. I’m hoping this weekend I can find my reading groove again. Hopefully I can finish the book I’m currently reading because I have a book in mind to read this weekend.

When Calls the Heart Season Finally

Last night was the When Calls the Heart season finally. First it feels like it just started back up after the unplanned break and now it is already done for the year. Second I was very disappointed with the ending. I still feel like they need to recast Abigail because I feel like there is so much that still needs to be addressed that includes her. But I’m liking that new Mountie more and more with each episode.