Disney Week Day 1: The Resorts

This year we ended up staying at two different Disney Resorts.  4 nights at Port Orleans Riverside and 1 Night at Coronado Springs.   Riverside is the only place I have stayed at on property and I love it.  So it was fun to try someplace new, even if it was for one night.  Coronado is very beautiful and reminds me a lot of Port Orleans.  There is a lot more walking at Coronado than at Port Orleans.  The walk up to the lobby/restaurant area was like walking from the front of EPCOT all the way to the back of the World Showcase, if not longer.  It was a least a very beautiful relaxing walk but to walk that way in the heat just for a drink would it really be worth it?  You would probably be in need of another drink by the time you walked back to your room.  Port Orleans has walking too don’t get me wrong but it seems like they have a few different paths that lead to the same place and so it doesn’t seem to take as long.  At Port Orleans we ended up with one of the Royal Rooms which by the way was Amazing!  Even at 30 I was super excited to stay in one of the “Princess Rooms”!  The head-board with the fire works was one of the cutest things I have ever saw.  In the end I still like Port Orleans Riverside better than Coronado Springs.  Then again maybe I am just like it better because it has Magnolia Bend which looks like Southern Plantation Homes.


The Room at Port Orleans



The Room at Coronado Springs



The Head-Board



Port Orleans Riverside


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