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Turning 30

Well my 30th Birthday has come and almost gone.  I had a good Birthday!  Time to look a head to the future.  I think it has a lot to bring for me.

“Rounding Third And Heading For Home”

In the words of the late, great Reds’ radio announcer, Joe Nuxhall.  That is where I am at with this whole turning 30 thing.  Maybe I have even rounded third and am starting my slide into home, because one week from today is the big day.  The day when I will have 3 sets of 10 candles on my cake.  Hopefully they all won’t be lit, that could start a fire.  As much as I think I am ready for this, it’s still a little scary.  But no matter what it is going to come and before I know it the day will be over.