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Southern Belle Reads Friday: The Next “Fifty Shades”?

I will admit I read “Fifty Shades of Gray” and I think I might have found the book to top even it.  The book I am talking about is “Bared to You” by Sylvia Day.  WOW is all I can say about this book.  In my opinion it puts “Fifty Shades” to shame.  This book is also the first of three in a series so maybe book two is totally different than book one but I don’t know just yet.  I liked book two and three best of “Fifty” because they were so much different then book one.  Maybe this series will be the same way.  Check back, I will keep you posted.

Southern Belle Cooks Wednesday: Pulled Greek Pork

Well this week I have not cooked anything.  But last week I did do some cooking.  Last Sunday I made pulled greek pork.  Here is how I did it…


What you will need:

– Pork Roast

– Greek Vinaigrette Salad Dressing

– Ziploc Bag

– Greek Seasoning

– Water

– Slow Cooker


On Saturday night I took a pork roast, I cut the fat off of it.  Then I put the pork roast into a ziplock bag with some greek vinaigrette dressing.  I put the roast in the fridge over night to marinate.  On Sunday morning before leaving for Church I put the roast into a slow cooker with a little bit of water (enough to keep it moist), some greek seasoning, and a little greek vinaigrette.  I cooked it on slow till the meat was done and falling off with a fork.  Then after it cooled I used two forks to pull the meat apart.   I made flatbread sandwiches with mine but I guess there are many ways you could eat the  Pulled Greek Pork.  A little feta cheese, a little herb mayo, and a little onion.  Boy was it good!

Southern Belle Contemplates Monday: NASCAR and Me

I love NASCAR and have for over ten years now.  I will never forget the turning point for me.  I had watched NASCAR off and on for a few years and if you asked me who my favorite driver was I would say “Jeff Gordon”.  Then Dale Earnhardt Jr came along and I just thought he was dreamy.  But even then I was not hooked.  February 18th, 2001 changed that forever.  I watched on TV the wreck that happened in the final turn on the final lap.  I heard Darrell Waltrip speak those mesmerizing words, “God I hope Dale is okay”.  And later I heard those words spoken that no NASCAR fan wanted to hear, “Dale Earnhardt was the father of four”.  “Was” not “is”.  He was gone, the biggest figure in the sport had died and I had never taken the time to really watch him drive, to see him in his glory.

I remember watching all the events of the week in awe.  I couldn’t get enough of them; I was drawn in my Dale Earnhardt’s death.  I tuned in the next week and cried when Dale Jr wrecked on the first lap and cried even more when Steve Park won the rain delayed Rockingham race on Monday afternoon.  I probably went through two boxes of tissues that week with all the tears I cried.  I was starting to get hooked but was not there yet.  Then came July 7th, 2001, a Saturday night race in Daytona, the first time back at the track since Dale’s death.  This is the race that changed me forever.  I watched in amazement all night as Dale Jr raced through the field.  And just when everyone was counting him out, with his restart position after a late race caution.  But Dale Jr was determined that night and he had a newly winged angel on his side.  When that red number eight car took the checkered flag with Michael Waltrip pushing it, the tears poured and I was hooked forever.  Dale Earnhardt Jr overcame so much there that night and I was amazed at how he did it.

Today I still love NASCAR and I still like Dale Earnhardt Jr but the sport is changing and I’m not sure if I like the direction it is taking.  There is one reason and one reason only that has me questioning NASCAR’s future, and that reason goes by the name of Danica Patrick.  In my opinion she is single-handedly ruining the sport.  I know as a female fan I should like the fact that a female driver is turning so many heads and making so much progress, but I don’t.  And yes if it was a different female drive I may feel differently but I doubt it.  For me what I love best about NASCAR is its tradition.  I love the fact that there are a few families that have been around since the start of NASCAR and they continue to be active in the sport in some form.  I like the tradition of “Gentleman Start Your Engines”, can’t say that with “her” in the field.

I know times are changing; they have been ever since the death of Dale Earnhardt, but at least after his death the tradition continued.  As much as I love NASCAR and its tradition with “her” in the field I have a hard time being the fan I once was.  To me the sport will not be the same till she is gone from it, and I don’t know if that is happening anytime soon.

Coming Soon…

I know it’s been over a week since I have posted last.  I have been doing a little soul-searching on the direction of this blog and I have decided to make some changes starting next week.  It seems like Southern Belle Cooks Wednesday is the most popular, so it will be staying.  I am going to try to include more photos of the food I cook.  Southern Belle Reads Friday will also be staying.  The thing that is going to go is Southern Belle NASCAR Monday.  While I love NASCAR and still have a passion for writing about NASCAR I’ve decided to try something new.

Mondays will now be, Southern Belle Contemplates Monday.  There still may be some posts about NASCAR.  There could be posts about stuff that I have done or happen to me.  It could be about pictures I have taken.  It could be about anything.  You’ll have to wait till Monday each week to find out what’s on my mind next.  I hope you enjoy it.

Southern Belle Cooks Wednesday: After Vacation

This week so far nothing has been cooking.  With just getting back from vacation I have been to the store yet.  I should make some lemon bars this week and I want to make some jerk pulled pork, but those may have to wait till Sunday.  I need a vacation from my vacation.  Hopefully next week I will get back to cooking.

Sothern Belle NASCAR Monday: The Lady in Black

Mother’s Day weekend equals no Sunday race.  It used to be that they didn’t race at all on Mother’s Day Weekend but a few years ago that changed and now they race on Saturday night and not on Mother’s Day it’s self.  So Saturday night the boys and girl of the Sprint Cup were in Darlington, SC trying to tame the lady in black.  In the end Matt Kenseth was the one that tamed her, getting his third win of the season.  Joe Gibbs Racing finished One-Two with Denny Hamlin finishing second.  Jimmie Johnson had a top ten finish so he continues to lead the points.  Up next the All Star Race this Saturday night.

I’m Back!!!!!

Sorry for the lack of posts last week.  I had hoped to have posts scheduled to post while I was on vacation but that did not happen.  Last week I ate, slept, and breathed Mickey Mouse.  That’s right, I was in Disney World last week.  This Southern Belle stayed in a Southern Plantation Hotel.  It was a great week filled of fun and many memories.