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Southern Belle Reads: Reason to Breathe

june 30 2014

I am trying to read “Reason to Breathe” by Rebecca Donovan, but I’m having a hard time.  I like Emma and her relationship she has with Evan and her friendship with Sarah but I have a hard time getting through the scenes with the aunt.  I can’t believe this series is aimed at young adults, I’m thirty and cringe at some of the content.  I know there are a lot of people who have really liked this series and I think I will too its just going to take me a little while to finish.

Southern Belle Favorite Things: Summer Vacation Spot

If its summertime and I’m going on vacation there is only one place I want to go.  The Black Hills of SD.  Three years ago we went to the Black Hills /Rapid City to visit family, it was our first trip out west, I really did not think I was going to like it out there.  But the fact is  I fell in love with its beauty.  We went out again the next year.  I have been there twice and would go again in a heartbeat.  I think it is a trip you have to take at least once in your lifetime.

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Southern Belle Favorite Things: Relaxing Vacation Spot

My favorite vacation spot for relaxing is the Outer Banks of NC.  To me it is a little piece of paradise!  We always go in October so it is so peaceful and quite.  The Outer Banks has wild horses, lighthouses, beautiful sunrises, and even more beautiful sunsets.  Summer in the Outer Banks is a little crazy but fall is just perfect, especially for taking it easy at the beach!  I can’t wait to go back to the Outer Banks!


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Not So Flirty Thirty

This year my motto was going to be “Flirty Thirty”.  Well some where along the way in the first half of the year I let that motto slip to “Frumpy Thirty”.  Well no more it’s time I try to get back into that “Flirty Thirty” mood.  First thing on the list a new hair style and maybe even color.  This is the year I want to make some changes in my life. 

Southern Belle Favorite Things: Breakfast

Right now my favorite thing to eat for breakfast in a waffle sandwich.  I’m sure you are asking what it the world is a waffle sandwich.  I take two   multi-grain frozen waffles, toast them in the toaster, add about a tablespoon of Almond Butter to one of them, then add about 4 strawberries cut up and half of a banana cut up, and put the second waffle on top.  So it is a strawberry, banana, almond butter waffle sandwich.  It is great!  And with summer here it is nice and light.


Southern Belle Cooks: Coffee Cake

Yesterday was another Birthday day at work.  The Birthday Lady is a big coffee drinker so I thought I would see if I could find some kind of cake made with what else than coffee.  I found a Pioneer Woman recipe!  It was the best of both worlds!  I found a coffee cake and it was from one of my favorite cooks.  Her title for this cake: Coffee Cake, Literally.  I am so glad I made this cake.  It seemed to be a big hit!  This recipe is one I will probably use again.  If you like coffee you will like this cake.