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Valentines Already

The Christmas Season just ended (especially for me) and they are sure jumping on the Valentines bandwagon already. Valentines is my second least favorite holiday (behind Halloween). Plain and simple it is a Hallmark Holiday. And maybe if I had someone to spend it with I would feel differently but probably not. I don’t need chocolates and flowers just die. And yes cute little teddy bears holding hearts that say “I Love You” are cute but you can only have so many stuffed animals. My Valentine’s Day usually includes some Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey (again something I don’t need but oh so good) and watching Gone with the Wind, a movie where the lead character goes running after the man she loves in the fog after he basically tells her to take a hike. Not so romantic of an ending.

Christmas is Officially Over

Well I finally finished the Christmas read I started before Christmas. And I switched out my Christmas phone case and Christmas purse over the weekend so I guess Christmas is officially over for this Southern Belle. It was hard switching out my last little bits of Christmas.

Raising Disney Kids; Walt Disney World Trip # 2 Update 

Our next Disney Trip with kids is inching closer and closer.  This year I am letting the kids pick a theme for our shirts for one of the days we are at Disney.  We have Villians, Star Wars, and Princesses.  These themes do not surprise me one bit.  I’m just not one hundred precent sure how I am going to do each theme.  We have now rented a 12 passanger van so we can all ride together and only have one car.  This should be fun.  This trip we really will be a bus.  I hope the kids think it is an adventure.  We have not officially told them we are going to Disney yet so everything we say is “if we go back to Disney”.  Although the four year old did tell my dad the other week Disney Hotels are her favorite.  Me too little one, me too.  This year we are staying at Coronado Springs.  I will get them to my favorite (Port Orleans Riverside) one of these days.  Put I know one thing for sure we will not be going back to Pop Century or any resort that has the Skyliner.  

Getting Back in the Reading Groove 

I am starting to get back into the reading groove.  I have started listening to my car reads agian and while I have not finished the book I was reading before the new year I did make some good progress on it this weekend.  I am hoping to finish it in the next day or two.  Then the dilima will be which of the many books I want to read I will actually read next.  I’m thinking about the new read with Jenna book but I am not sure.  I guess I will just know when the time comes.  

One Week In

We are one week into the New Year and I really need to get my butt in gear. I have let things slide a little. I need to start my car reads again, my five and ten reading, and just reading in general. I was doing pretty good with reading a book before I was under the weather but I have hardly picked it up since feeling better and I was really enjoying it. Especially if I want to do more in 2020.



I can’t believe next week I will be 36.  It seems like just yesterday I was turning 30 and now I am closer to 40 than I am 30.  Turning 36 really doesn’t bather me it is just a little weird.  But I guess you are doing something right when people don’t believe you when you tell them you are turning 36.  I did decide this morning in 4 years for 40 that is the year I sepnd my actual Birthday at Disney World.  I am already giving people notice.  I already have my dream resort picked out too.  We will see what happens.  

More in 2020

Sorry we are already a few days into the new year and I am just now getting to posting. I hope everyone had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year. My time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve was a whirlwind. And I rang in the new year and the first few days of 2020 a little under the weather and just plum exhausted. Yesterday was the first day I really felt like I was headed in the right direction and I spent it with my cousin (who got engaged at Disney World in October) at a local Bridal Show. That was a real eye opener and it confirmed my decision that when I find my Prince Charming we are getting married on a Disney Cruise. The big weddings are great for some people but not for me. But I’m getting away from the point of this post. I have decided in 2020 I want MORE.

Blog more

Laugh more

Love more

Be Happy more

Read more

Just more to life in general.