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Southern Belle Vacation

This Southern Belle cannot wait till her vacation!  A whole week without a 4:40 am alarm, leaving for work before the sun comes up, and packing my lunch.  A whole week of sleeping in (even if it’s till 7:30), watching the sun come up in my PJ’s, and eating lunch overlooking the ocean.  A whole week of flip flops, yoga pants, and maxi dresses.  Sounds heavenly!

Happy Birthday in Heaven

Today would have been your 33rd Birthday.  I wonder what kind of man you would have been, if only God didn’t want you to be a little boy forever.  It’s been 25 years since you left us and in those 25 years you would have changed so much.  Maybe you would be doing Cancer research or a doctor helping sick children.  Maybe you would have a wife and kids or maybe be the most eligible bachelor at your work.  Maybe you would live in Hawaii or even Alaska.  Maybe you would be rich and famous or just an average Joe.  You would have been a great uncle to your niece and nephew and a great friend.  I’m sad that we will never get to know who you would have been.  Happy Birthday in Heaven my cousin my friend, I love and miss you!

Southern Belle Vacation

This Southern Belle needs a vacation!  I know I just had one in May and while I loved my time at Disney it was go, go, go too.  I need a relaxing vacation.  Where I can sleep late and where my yoga pants all day, if I want.  I need some quality reading time, I have so many books to read but just haven’t had the time or focus to get to/through them.