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🏈🎀 The five year old is playing football and the four year old is cheering so this past Saturday morning was spent in the blazing sun watching them.

🏁 I don’t follow NASCAR like I used to but I’m not going to lie when I saw the headline Dale Earnhardt Jr was in a plane crash my heart sunk. He was my first NASCAR love. I’m glad him and his family and crew all survived.

📺 I still can not get into this new BH90210. I was super excited for it and it had been a big let down to me.

🏰 I think we have created a Disney Monster. The other day we had some stuff for the kids so we put it in an old Disney Parks bag we had and as soon at the four year old saw it she asked if we went to Disney without her.

🌅 I purchased Where the Crawdads Sing, looked at it and decided it would be my vacation read when we go to the Outer Banks in October.

📚 I thought I was getting my reading groove back but not really. I think part of the problem is I have so many books I want to read I just can’t decide which direction to head.

35 Going on 90

I’m only 35 years old but some days I feel like I could be one of the Golden Girls. More than once my grocery list consisted of fiber and half & half. I don’t know about you but to me that almost sounds like something Sofia would have been buying. And they are both for my coffee. I know I don’t have enough fiber in my diet so a few years ago I started buying that powder fiber you put in drinks (and dissolves clear). I just so happen to put mine in my coffee. And instead of coffee cream I use half and half in my morning cup of Joe (and afternoon, and evening).

A Few Random Thoughts/Updates

📚 5 & 10 Reading Update: This past weekend was a little hard, for a change I was not the first one up and we had stuff going on each day. But I got my pages read. I’m really enjoying this. I am further in this book this way than I would be if I tried to just read it.

⚓️ A Disney Cruise with the kids might actually be on the horizon. I’m already thinking about their fish extender and door magnets!

📖 I usually enjoy reading on my Kindle but it seems right now I am on a kick where I only want to read actual books.

📔 Has anyone read Where the Crawdads Sing? I am hearing so many good things about this book, I might have to check it out.

🎃 I am not ready for all this Halloween stuff I am starting to see.

😭 My little man starts kindergarten tomorrow. I can’t handle this. He will be heading off to his first day with his Spider-Man backpack we got him.

Reading and TV

Wednesday when I got home from work I was going to try and finish my book. But my curiosity about the new BH90210 got the best of me and I decided to watch it and put finishing my book on hold. I should have stuck with my book! I was not impressed one bit with the new show.

I’m not sure what I was expecting the new show to be but what I saw was far from anything I would have thought. I’d say I’m not going to watch anymore of it but I know my curiosity will get the best of me. I’m glad they paid tribute to Luke Perry. I was so sad when he passed earlier this year.

On a side note I’m yet finish my book. Last night the new episode of Heartland on UP won out. I’m hoping I can get close to the end tonight yet.

Southern Belle Reads Update

I think I’m finally getting my reading groove back. The book winning the prize of getting me back on track Evvie Drake Starts Over. It took me a little while to get into it but I am really enjoying it and had a hard time leaving it this morning. It kept calling to me: read me, read me! This was the first Read with Jenna book I tried.

On a side note today was day 6 of what I am calling my five and ten reads and I think it is going pretty good. I am actually looking forward to reading my pages each morning.

Disney is for the Young at Heart

I guess I am considered a Millennial and I do not have children of my own and I love Disney.

For those of you that follow Disney World on social media and the news you may know where I am going with this, for those of you who may not, here is a brief overview. There was recently a woman who had a rant on social media how childless millennials should not be allowed in the parks only families.

Almost all of my trips are childless, with the exception of my most recent. I know what it is like to be there with a tired hot cranky child. (Heck I even know what it’s like to be there with a tired hot cranky adult.). While the kids are not my own I love them like they are and it’s hard I get that. They want everything they see and they don’t understand having to wait in line. Plain and simple Disney is overwhelming to a child, and I get that. And I know as a parent you want you child to have a great time, especially with the prices you pay now days.

When we were there with kids I never once looked at those there without kids and wished I was them and when I am there without kids I never look at the families and wish they would have left their kids at home. Disney is for everyone from the very young to the old. And anyone that goes to Disney should know what they are getting into. I feel like I get more out of Disney now as an adult than I did as a kid. I think now we go more for the food but I love everything about it. I guess I am even worse because not only am I a childless millennial my adult only trips are with my baby boomer parents.

To me Disney is the way to stay young at heart.

Wednesday was a Sad Day

If you do not know what this is this is a Bluetooth receiver. My car does not have Bluetooth so I can plug this into my auxiliary port and it will play through my car speakers. I have had one for over three years now. I love it! This is how I listen to all my car reads. Well Wednesday night mine was involved in a minor accident where someone accidentally pulled it out of the jack. But this time unlike others it broke. I think I had the same face a small child has when they lose their security toy or blanket. But have no fear thanks to Amazon my new one will be arriving today. Of course it was a little hard listening to my audiobook the last two days but I managed. My drive in Monday should be back to normal listening.

Traveling With Minnie Ears

Yesterday I shared my Minnie Ear Obsession with you. Now I have a question for all my fellow Disney loving Minnie ear wearing fans. How do you pack your Minnie ears when traveling? I’ve had a few ideas but none have panned out so far. I don’t want to just “throw” them in a bag but I want them protected too.