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Southern Belle Reads: My Heart is Still in the Outer Banks

I finished the last book in the Dare Island Series over the weekend and my plan was to start The Beach House by Mary Alice Monroe. And I did but I was not ready to leave the Outer Banks behind for the South Carolina Low country. So I started The Outer Banks Baker Mystery.

35 ‘Ears

Last Monday my parents celebrated 35 years of marriage. And now that my mom has been given her surprise anniversary gift, if I had a mountain top to shout it from I would. I am going on a Disney Cruise! I am so excited and we are going to Disney World again. We are not going till much later this year but I have something to look forward too. My aunt and cousins will be going to Disney World with too. I’m super excited to see what a Disney Cruise is like, I have heard they are amazing!

Full House Goes To Disney World

Last week I was watching the Full House episodes where they go to Disney World. First it was so strange seeing how different it is now compared to back then. Second it was even stranger to think that when that was filmed Animal Kingdom was not even open yet. Now I am just so use to Animal Kingdom being one of the staples I sometimes forget it is the youngest park.

My New Favorite Thing

I don’t know if I should admit to this or not but I am. I just recently learned you can watch some of the Disney Parks nighttime shows on the Disney Now app. So at least once a week (but usually twice) I watch Happily Ever After, the Magic Kingdom’s nighttime show. They are not live shows but I’m okay with that. I love the music!

Southern Belle Reads: Dare Island Series

Well I am starting the last book in the Dare Island Series today. It is bittersweet, I like moving on to a new series but I will miss the characters from this series. That is the best part about series the characters start to feel like family/friends. The other down side about finishing this series is no more Outer Banks. I loved feeling like I was back in the Outer Banks while reading these. But I have tons of options at home on which direction to head next. I am not lacking on book choices that is for sure.

Southern Belle Reads: Breaking Out of the Funk

For the first time in a long time, I am looking forward to getting off work and going home and reading. I have found my reading groove again! I love reading and really hate when I get into a reading funk. This week I have been reading before I get in the shower, after the shower, and even before I start work, but most importantly I finished a book I started in November. It is hard to explain how nice it feels to not have that unfinished book staring at you day in and day out and you don’t have an urge to pick it up and finish it.

My Passion for Writing

I’m pretty sure I got my passion for writing from my grandpa. I can remember being on vacation with him as a child and him sitting at the desk or table writing out post cards. I still send postcards from vacation, sent at least seven from Disney World last month. I even think my grandpa was a “blogger” before blogger was even a word and computers were in every home and school. My grandpa kept in his shirt pocket a four color pen and a black weekly planner. He write everything down in that black book and everything was color coordinated. He recorded who called or didn’t call each day, who visited or didn’t visit, if he and my grandma went out to dinner, where they went and who went with them, he even recorded how much he paid for gas or a hotel if he was traveling. My grandpa has been gone over twenty years but my family still has these books and they get pulled out once in a while at family functions. Reading them now it is almost like reading a blog, so I really do think my grandpa was a blogger before we even knew what blogging was.

Southern Belle Reads: The Matchmaker’s Playbook

The Matchmaker’s Playbook by Rachel Van Dyken is the most recent book to be made into a Passionflix Film and you know how I am about reading the book before I watch the movie. I tried and tried and tried to read this book but I could never get into it, so I converted to listening to the book and even then I had a hard time staying focused on it. It was just not my kind of book. I will still watch the movie but the book was just so so. I had a really hard time liking the main characters, and if you can’t like them then it will make for a long book. The only cool thing about this book is the kindle ebook version is it is a kindle in motion book. This was my first experience with one of these and it was really cool. Some of the pages have pictures and movement on them it was a nice surprise to turn a page and have some color and graphics to your book.

Amazon Junkie

I am such an Amazon junkie. I have even starting purchasing pictures from Amazon. I have found they are cheaper then even Walreens, even with a sale, and you get free shipping if you are a prime member. The quality of the pictures is really good too. So if you need to print some of those pictures off your digital camera I recommend checking out Amazon Prints.