Something New Saturday: Southern Belle Take On Yogurt Parfait

This is not really new, newer, I only started doing this a few months ago but it has quickly become one of my favorite things.  In fact I look forward to eating this every morning now.  It is my take on a yogurt parfait.  When your alarm goes off before the sun comes up and you are walking out the door for work as the sun is starting to rise, you want something fast for breakfast.  What I use:  2 Dannon Fruit on the Bottom yogurts and about a fourth of a cup of granola that is all.  I have tried Strawberry and Blueberry, Strawberry and Strawberry but my favorite is Strawberry and Peach.  I like this yogurt best because it actually has some big chunks of fruit in it.  I mix the peach yogurt up and poor into a jar, then I add a little of the granola, then I mix up the strawberry yogurt and pour it over the layer of granola, and then pour the rest of the granola on top of that.  Now I know because it is not low fat granola it is probably not the best for me but it is better than stopping at McDonalds every day for a breakfast sandwich and cheaper.  If you try it I hope you like it as much as I do. 


Something New Saturday: Bacon Wrapped Pizza 

I finally did it!  This week I tried that Bacon Wrapped Pizza Little Caesars has been advertising.  Let me start by saying my favorite pizza is Mellow Mushroom so I have some pretty high standards for pizza.  I know it is a deep dish pizza but for me it was a little too thick but I loved all the bacon on it, and the bacon wrapped around it.  To me pizza is just not pizza without bacon.  I would recommend it for any bacon pizza lover.  


Something New Saturday: A Week of New Things 

I’m going to change gears a little bit this week.  This week I experienced a lot of new things/firsts and I thought I would share them with you.

  1. I traveled to two new states: Mississippi and Louisiana 
  2. I had fried catfish for the first time
  3. I visited New Orleans (Hopefully for the first time)
  4. I rode on a double decker bus for the first time
  5. I ate my first beignets from the Cafe du Monde 
  6. I saw the Duck Commander wear house and shopped at the store.  
  7. I saw Larry Gatlin and the Gatlin Brothers at the Opry

I think that is about it.




Something New Saturday (on Sunday): Red Velvet Oreos

I heard they were coming and I was so excited when I found them in the store. Oreo put out limited edition red velvet Oreos for Valentine’s Day. They were actually pretty good. The package is smaller than regular Oreos but at the same price so for that I don’t think they are worth it, they are not that good. But I say try them!