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Reader’s Choice: My Favorite Things

Before I start the list let me just say as someone who was raised on The Sound of Music I couldn’t type that without singing “My Favorite Things” in my head. (Sorry for that side note.)

Favorite Color: Pink

Favorite Flower: Magnolia

Favorite Movie: Gone With The Wind and Seven Brides For Seven Brothers

Favorite Disney Movie: Sleeping Beauty

Favorite Disney Princess: Princess Aurora

Favorite Drink: Coffee and Diet Coke (that is what fuels this Southern Belle)

Favorite Relaxing Vacation Spot: The Outer Banks

Favorite On The Go Vacation Spot: Disney World

Favorite Book: Gone With The Wind

Favorite Actor: Colin Firth

Favorite Music: Old Country Music (Conway, Johnny, George, The Statler Brothers, etc)

Favorite Country Song: Too many to name (Harper Valley PTA, Delta Dawn, The Class of 57, All the Gold in California, Happy Birthday Darlin’; to name a few)

Favorite Concert: Garth Brooks (then and now)

Favorite Garth Brooks Song: Beaches of Cheyenne

Favorite TV Show: Criminal Minds

Favorite TV Channel: Hallmark Movies and Mysteries

Favorite Food: Steak

Favorite Thing to Cook: Hanky Pankies (ground beef, sausage, and cheese served on cocktail rye bread)

Favorite Disney Song: Happily Ever After (currently)

Favorite Disney Rides:

Magic Kingdom- Haunted Mansion

EPCOT- Test Track

Hollywood Studios- Toy Story Midway Mania

Animal Kingdom- Kilimanjaro Safari

Favorite Food Network Chef: The Pioneer Woman

Southern Belle Reads: Reading Updates

I have been flying through books it seems like. Here is the run down.

The Sinclair’s Series by J.S. Scott:

I am finished with this series or at least finished until another one comes out and I am pretty sure there will be more after the bombshell shocker in the last book. I would like to go back a read Jason and Hopes book from a different series so that is on my to read list.

The Outer Banks Baker Series by Phoebe T. Eggli:

I am still on Book 2 of this series, Sage Advice to Cover Up a Murder! I took what I thought would be a short break to read, in honor of memorial day, a Civil War Romance but I loved it so much and there are three of them in the series, so I am now working my way through them.

Hearts Touched by Fire Series by Gina Danna:

This is the Civil War series I am currently engrossed in. I finished the first book in less than a week but the second book is a little more of a struggle for me. It is taking a little longer to get into it than the first one did but I will get there, plus I haven’t had as much free time to really jump into it.

Not Quite Crazy by Catherine Bybee:

This was the newest in the Not Quite Series and another one I have finished recently. I am always up for a Catherine Bybee novel.

Come Home to Me by Liz Talley:

This was one of my “car reads” (aka listen as I drive). I really enjoy Liz Talley’s Morning Glory series and I can’t wait for the next one in the series to be released, so I thought I would see what this book was. This book was wow! Is what it is. I highly recommend this book. It was not just a romance it was a work of art.

Up Next:

– Now That You Mention It by Kristen Higgins (car read)

– Finish Hearts Touched By Fire Series

– Finish Outer Banks Baker Series

– Christmas in July reading

– Read Jason and Hopes Story (one of the Sinclairs)

– Reread Gone With the Wind

And I am sure much more