Archive | October 2015

Southern Belle Charm: Undergarments 

I know a Southern Belle is not supposed to talk about her undergarments. But for this Southern Belle, if I find undergarments worth talking about, I’m going to talk about them. Currently I am loving these Comfort Flex Fit bras by Hanes. You may have seen them advertised on TV, I know I have, and they looked nice, but I was a little skeptic until I tried them. Now, the only ones I have tried so far are the sports bras but they almost feel like I have no bra on at all. I love the way they hug my curves and the colors are fun, and there are many colors let me tell you. I’m sold! 

A Letter to Heaven 

Eleven years ago today your fight got to be too much for you and the cancer finally won. That day not only did I lose an Aunt but a friend too. A piece of me went that day too but over the past seven years I have gotten that piece back a little by little. Your grandkids have filled in the hole that was created the day you left this world. 
You have 4 now, 3 granddaughters and a grandson. You would just eat them up; they are so easy to love. M, the oldest, while technically she is only your step-granddaughter, she is a ball of energy and she could keep you entertained for hours on in. I know the two of you would have hit it off the moment you met her. L, the almost seven year old, is your mini-me and everyone says it. She looks so much like you it is scary. She started first grade this year and I know you would love to hear he stories about school. J, your grandson who is almost two, well what can I say about him. He is something else and getting more and more like his daddy every day, but his smile that is what would melt your every time he looked at you. It does me. Finally E, the six month old, her character is just now starting to show but I know you would have loved holding her in your arms rocking her to sleep, singing to her. I think she might be another mini-me for you but it is too early to tell. 
As they get older I am going to tell them all about you, how much you would have loved to be their grandma and the wonderful person you were. Each time I hold one of them in my arms I think of you! I know you would have been the best grandma to them. Tonight, on the anniversary of your death, mom and I are going to be watching three your four grandkids. I am going to make sure to give them extra hugs and kisses from their grandma. I love and miss you!