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My Ever Growing Obsession

My Minnie Ear Obsession just keeps growing.

Just ordered these

It’s even moving into my Christmas Tree

Just Ordered This Ornament

Both purchased from

Christmas Season is Almost Here 

This week is the week.  By Friday all three Hallmark Channels and Lifetime will have 24/7 Christmas movies.  It gets earlier and earlier each year.  Before long they will be starting in September.  Don’t get me wrong I enjoy a good Christmas movie but after a while I get a little tired of them.  But then again I am the same person that is thinking about switching over to all Christmas reads.  

Four Year Old Cheerleader (Maybe)

Over the weekend we had a cheerleading competation for the four year old.  I’m not so sure if cheerleading is for her.  After they were announced she came out crying, she threw her pop-pops down, threw herself down on the ground crying and proceded to run away all  before their cheer started.  She told her mommy she didn’t want me there.  I think she might have social anxity and the large crowd scared the crap out of her.  But I love her anyway.  We will have to see what next year brings.  On a side note: her older sister says she is going to cheer next year, I will believe that when I see it.  

Gone (but never forgotten)

15 years already, how can it be? Some days it feels like just yesterday and others it seems so far away. The details of that day stand out in my mind but then again when you lose a friend/family member why wouldn’t they. You were way too young and you had lost your fight.

I wish you were still here, there are so many things I would love to share with you. The most important your grandkids. I know I am not technically their aunt but I hope I am a close stand in (I had a few good teachers you being one of them). I know there are some books we would love to talk about. All I’m going to say is I think you would have enjoyed Christian.

I am going to tell the kids all about you and how much you would have loved being their grandma. Mom and I have enough love to give them for all three of us don’t you worry.

Southern Belle Funk

I have been in quite a funk lately. I thought my vacation last week might help but no. I have been so bad about my five and ten reading and just reading in general. I took a few books with me and hardly opened them. Unless it’s audiobooks or Christmas that’s the only reading I have done. I need to try and get out of this funk. But it’s not just a reading funk it’s a funk in general. I’m not real sure what will get me over this funk.

October is Outer Banks Month

It was in October the first time I went to the Outer Banks and fell in love with it. October is the only time we go to the Outer Banks. So it is only fitting that October is Outer Banks month on the Southern Belle Charm Blog Instagram. All month long I will be sharing some of the photos from our six trips.