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First Step

Last week I took my first step toward sailing with Mickey again. I got my first round of the COVID Vaccine. Castaway Cay I miss you and I hope to be back as soon as I can.

Reading Funk

For about the last month I have been in a huge reading funk. I have started two different books and I get about 75-100 pages in and I hit a brick wall. I hate walking away from a book unfinished but that is what I have done with both of them. They were both Harlequin Romances so maybe I just need to take a little break from Harlequins. Usually I love a good Harlequin Romance. So this weekend I started a non-Harlequin and we will see how it goes.

My two books I hit a brick wall on…

New Home Town Fan

When I was off work for a week in early December (a little break in between the Holidays). I watched a few episodes of HGTV’s Home Town. Now I have never been a fan of HGTV, so never paid much attention to the shows or their stars. Well let’s just say I am a HUGE fan now. I want to go to Laurel Mississippi. And I have even purchased their book. And I have looked at their online store. It’s that Southern Charm I’m telling you. I love all things southern!

Sorry It’s Been A While

Sorry it has been a while since my last post. The last few weeks have been a little crazy. I had plans for all these great Christmas and end of year/new year posts but then COVID snuck in our backyard. Long story short my aunt tested positive almost four weeks ago, and while we thought she was doing okay and, on the mend, last week the bottom fell out and at and at one point it was not looking too good, but the last two days seem to be steps in the right direction. So, it has been a roller coaster ride since New Year’s Eve. (To give it a name and since we are a Disney Family and we have created a Disney Monster the last week has been the Tower of Terror.)

Because of COVID and the way she was choosing to live her live during COVID, I have not seen my aunt since late August/Early September and then it was only for a small family dinner outside. Hopefully she really is heading in the right direction.