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Rainy Thursday Off Work

It was supposed to be Opening Day in Cincinnati but they postponed the game yesterday because the forecast was for rain all day. I put in to be off in October so off I was. It’s been a coffee and musicals kind of day for me.

What I’ve Been Watching

Beside my new found obsession with Hallmark Movies and Mysteries, I try to keep up with some primetime shows. Here’s what I’ve been watching.

9-1-1: I’m really enjoying this Fox drama with Connie Britton and Angela Bassett.

Station 19: I was shocked that this was a spin-off of Gray’s but I’m liking it.

Better Late Than Never: I found this earlier this year and this might be my new favorite TV show. I laugh so hard every time this is on. If you have not seen this yet, I recommend watching it.

Those are the only new shows I’ve been watching. Of course I still keep up with Blue Bloods, Criminal Minds, Gray’s, and NCIS New Orleans.

Southern Belle Reads: What I’ve Been Listening To

As I’ve mentioned before I love listening to audiobooks in the car. Here’s what I’ve been listening to lately.

Currently I am on book two, story three (the first was a novella) of a series by J S Scott called the Sinclairs. The series is about four billionaire brothers finding love in a small costal town. There is more than four books so I’m not sure where the other billionaire Sinclairs are coming from.

Before I started these I listened to Darker (Fifty Shades Dark from Christian’s point of view).

Vacation Pictures

I have finally made it through the almost 2,000 pictures I took while on vacation at Disney World and I have to say I think this is my favorite picture from this trip.

My Journey Re-Reading Gone With The Wind

I made a decision this weekend, I am postponing my journey re-reading Gone With the Wind. I need to have a clear mind to be able to focus on this journey and I don’t have that right now. I should have known better than to start it right before vacation, since I get into intense vacation mode before a trip. Plus I have a few other books screaming at me. I want to read the book that was made into the newest Passionflix movie so I can watch the movie. And I have a book I started before Christmas staring at me daily. I hate leaving books unfinished for a long period of time. And I may just have to read a mystery or two to get that out of my system too. So I’m not ending my journey I’m just pushing it back a few weeks till I can focus on the journey.

My Wish List

I’ve decided I want a she-shed and I’m adding it to the top of my wish list. I want it more as a reading nook but it could have the same kind of feel. I’ll probably never get it so it will be on my wish list for a long time.

My Journey Re-Reading Gone With The Wind Week’s 2, 3, 4, & 5 Update

I’m starting to think I picked the wrong time to start this journey. Yes starting it on Valentine’s Day seemed cool but I’ve had a lot going on.

Week 2: this was the week before before my vacation so I was in vacation stress mode.

Week 3: this was my Disney vacation week so I had no downtime to read. It was go go go and as soon as my head hit the pillow I was asleep so I could do it all again the next day.

Week 4: was not only the first week after the time change but also my first week back from vacation so I really hit a wall that week trying to recoup.

Week 5: this past week and well it has not been a good week. I did have a little unplanned downtime but I slept through most of it. It’s funny how your body has little ways of telling you you need to slow down.

Maybe next week or maybe even this weekend I can get some reading in. Especially since they are calling for snow this weekend.

Hallmark Movies and Mysteries

We just recently got the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries channel. This may not be a good thing, I am already addicted. My favorites so far are the Garage Sale Mysteries and the Aurora Teagarden series. I can’t get enough of them. Plus now all of a sudden I have the urge to read mysteries. Mystery has never really been my go to reading genre and I can probably count on one hand the number I have read. Which surprises me since I love crime shows. But now I am researching all these different mystery series to start reading. What has gotten into me? I guess I’ve been bitten by the mystery bug.

Back to Reality

My week of living in Fanastyland has come to an end and I had to return to reality again. That is one thing I love about Disney World, as while you are there it’s like you are in a bubble of wonderful happy fun and you forget what is really going on all around you in the world. By the time I get back to my room each night I am so tired from the day at the parks I fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. And I never watch a lick of news.