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No Extra Spending Month Update 

I actually didn’t do too bad with this.  I ended up buying a few things but I was not getting boxes/packages everyday.  I think I am going to make September and October no buying books months.  I have so many unread books at home and on my kindle.  I think it’s time to give them some focus.  I’m really liking these mini challenges for myself.  I will keep you posted.  

Just My Afternoon Drive Home From Work 

As I was driving home this afternoon listing to music on my iPod, singing along with all the Disney songs, it dawned on me the people driving next to me have to think I’m crazy.  I can really get into my Disney songs.  Singing at the top of my lungs and doing hand gesters when stopped at a light.  Thirty-three years old and still a child at heart.  

1 Year Already 

Apparently yesterday marked the one year anniversary of my much planned Disney Trip getting canceled at the last minute.  I still have wounds from this one.  But they are healing slowly.  When you are a planner like I am it is hard to move on when your hard work is destroyed in an instant like that.  Maybe some day I can plan the perfect Disney World Vacation, again, for my babies.  But I’ll never get back not being with them for their first visit, that will leave scars.  

Potty Training 

A few months ago the kids’ mommy started potty training the three year old.  None of us knew what an adventure that was going to be.  He took to peeing in the potty pretty quickly but pooping in the potty was a whole other story.  I didn’t think he would ever be fully potty trained.    When you tried to talk to him about it he just ignored you or changed the subject.  I even started download kindle books about pooping in the potty to read to him since he loved reading Peter Rabbit so much.  The last book I downloaded might have been the winner because it seems like the very next day he took to pooping in the potty and hasn’t turned back.  The book I read to him Super Pooper.

After he was pooping on the potty for a few weeks I found this postcard and mailed it to him congratulating him on becoming a super pooper.

Oh the things an Auntie will do.

Lottery Dreams 

With the Power Ball up to $700 million tonight I can’t help but think of some of the first things I would do if I were to win some part of it.  

My Lottery Wish List 

🤑 Purchase the Disney Vacation Club

🤑 Take my babies to Disney World

🤑 Take a Disney Cruise

🤑 Purchase a fifth wheel and truck to pull it

🤑 Purchase a Highlander for everyday driving 

🤑 Build a house 

🤑 Become a freelance writer

🤑 Start a foundation in memory of my Aunt who died from cervical cancer.
Or at least I think that’s about everything on my list.

Solar Eclipse 

I know this is a rare event but I am so ready for this eclipse to be over.  I am so glad I am working today so I don’t have to be out and about in the craziness.  I know some people really like this kind of stuff but not me.
Update: I did go outside at work yesterday and look up at the eclipse.  With the glasses of course.