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Goin’ RV’n

I have been watching a lot of that Goin’ RV’n show on GAC lately.  I just love those RVs.  One is better than the next.  We used to camp when I was younger but our camper was nothing like these.  I would love to have one but my dad will not camp.  Actually I would love to be one of these people that buys their RV to travel around the US and live and work in their RV.  I think that would be so much fun.  But since that will not be happening anytime soon I will just sit and drool.  

Disney Vacation Planning 

Not long before our Disney Trip in May someone told me they thought it was crazy how you had to plan so far in advance for a Disney vacation.  Well I think they are crazy.  I love planning a Disney vacation.  I count down till that 180 day mark when I can start booking dinning reservations.  After that I satart my countdown to the 60 day mark (fastpass day).  After that is the count down to magic bands, and then the actually trip.  I find dinning day and fastpass day to be exciting, I can’t wait to see if i can get the restaurants/fastpasses I want and at good times.  If I could afford it I would love to become a Disney Vacation Planner but I don’t have the time, energy, or money.  So I will just have to continue planning my own trips.  Hopefully the planning will begin very soon for my next one.

Beauty and the Beast Book 

Last week I read the Beauty and the Beast book that was released to coinside with the movie release earlier this year.  At first I thought do I really want to read this.  Since it was adapted from the movie and I already saw the movie I thought for sure it would be useless.  But I am glad I did.  I found it to be a nice companion to the movie.  I thought it helped pick up on some of the little things that might have been missed in the movie.  Especially since this movie is different than the cartoon everyone is used to.  I would recommend reading it if you haven’t seen the movie yet or even if you have.  It’a an easy fast read so it really wouldn’t take much time.  

Southern Belle Reads: Children’s Classics

I was never big on reading when I was growning up and my mom will not pick up a non-kids book for nothing.  So I feel like I was deprived a little growing up.  I have never read Little House on the Prairie, Mary Poppins, Anne of Green Gables,  Little Women, or Alice in Wonderland to name a few.  But I am working on changing that.  I am making it a goal to read some of the classics that I missed out on as a kid.  You are never to old to read something new even if it is not in you age group.  

My Morning Coffee 

The other morning when I got up to go to work our power was out.  It had gone out throught the night sometime.  My first thought was how will I take a shower in the dark but I didn’t panic.  My next thought was how will I get my coffee and with that I did panic.  I find it funny my morning coffee is more important than even a shower to me.  

Looking Forward 

I’m looking forward to being back in the Outer Banks.  It does this Southern Belle’s soul good.  I love waking up to this each morning.  Less than 100 days till I can sink my toes in the sand of Corolla again.  I can’t wait!  Is it too early to start packing? 


I enjoyed the new Beauty and the Beast movie.  It reminded me of the old musicals I grew up watching.  The music was wonderful and I have fallen in love with the new song from the movie “Evermore”.  It is just beautiful.  Surprisingly I like the Dan Stevens version better (the one that is actaully seen in the movie) and not the Josh Groban version.  In fact I am listening to it as I write this post.  I like it so much I even looked for it as a ringtone but I didn’t find one.  

I’m in Schock 

I was left speechless after last night’s Food Network Star.  (Spoiler Alert if you are watching it and have not seen last night’s yet.)  I thought for sure Cory would make it to the end, so I was schocked when he was eliminated.  I thought it would be Cory and Jason as the last two standing.  So I am not sure what to think right now.  I will keep watching because we are Team Jason all the way in my house but I thought Cory was really good too.