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Still Single at 32

It’s hard to believe but in a few short months I will be 33.  It seems like just yesterday I was turning 30.  And still I have not found my prince charming.  So I got to thinking, if I were to try online dating what would my profile say.  Here is what I’ve come up with…

Why I Hate Halloween

That’s right, Halloween is my least favorite time of the year.  Yes I dressed up as a kid and went trick or treeatimg.  So what turned me against this much loved day?  The year was 2004, and just a week and a half before we had berried my aunt, one of my best friends.  So I was not in a good place to begin with, I was still very much mourning the loss of someone I loved so deeply.  Mom and I had been staying with my cousins, the ones whose mom had just passed away, my uncle had Atlanta race tickets already and didn’t want to leave them.  When dad left for work that Halloween morning he discovered that somebody had slashed our two Winnie the Pooh yard blowups.  You spend your hard earned money to purchase them and the candy you hand out to the kids and a few juvinile delicants do that.  Well in my book those juvenile delicants ruined it for everyone.  That is why you will never find me dressing up, decotating , or handing out candy for Halloween.  So I will be the lady locking her door and turning off the pourch light.  

Southern Belle Reads: Currently Reading 

I just started reading Why I Love Singelhood by Elisa Lorello and Sarah Girrell.  So far I am loving this book.  I can relate to the main character in a lot of ways.  More on that later.  My favorite part so far the following paragraph about on-line dating


This made me laugh out loud and it is true.  

Christmas Wish List

Here are a few items on my Christmas Wish List…

When did I reach the point in my life where I would much rather have kitchen items than fun gadgets for Christmas?  Maybe it has been since I have become a food network junkie or since I have turned 30, I’m no real sure.  Last year I was super excited to get a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer, which I am in love with.  Next year I might want pots and pans, you just never know.  Some women my age want rings and necklaces and not something for the kitchen at all.  Not me I’d much rather have cookbooks and cast iron over gold and silver.  

Christmas Movies Start This Weekend

Thats right the Hallmark Channel starts their Christmas movies this weekend and we haven’t even had Halloween yet.  Could we please get one thing over before we start another?  And I don’t even like Halloween but I would like to be able to get through that before I have to start thinking about snow and Santa and Christmas shopping.  

When Co-Workers Leave 

We just had two people leave at work again.  One went out like a tornado and the other went out in a blaze of glory.  The tornado left for another job, so she tells us, the latter retireed.  The tornado left a wake in her path and the other walked the red carpet.  The tornado didn’t even take flowers one of my other co-workers bought her and the other one was showered with gifts.  The tornado will not be missed and the other will be missed greatly.  The tornado turned down request to keep in touch and the other would like to get together with some of us outside of work.  It is funny how people leave a job sometimes.  

I May Have Found My Weakness 

Now that McDonald’s has biscut breakfast sandwhichs as part of their all day breakfast menu I may be in big trouble!  I love, love, love their bacon egg and cheese biscuts without the cheese.  Yesterday I stopped for diet coke and I was tempted by that breakfast sandwhich.  I know that is what McDonald’s is hoping that I will give in each time I am there so I will have to be strong.  I might be hard though because there is just something about their biscuts and eggs, but I will stand my ground.