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I Need A Vacation

I am beyond ready for a Vacation!  I need a vacation more and more each day.  I honestly think I am about to lose my mind or may already have.  Good thing my next vacation is less than two weeks away.  I am so ready to curl up with my Paperwhite and read a good book, maybe take in a new city (New Orleans), visit beautiful old Southern Mansions, eat delicious Southern Food, and sleep past 6:00 in the morning (hopefully).  Yeah this vacation is much needed. 

Sorry Spring Has Gotten The Best of Me

I am sorry I have not been around as much lately.  This spring weather we have been having has gotten the best of me.  I want to be out and about.  I blog a lot of times while I am eating lunch but here as of late I have been walking outside in the Spring Air at lunch.  The fresh air has been much need but that also means that I do not get to blog.  I can not do both walk and blog.  That would be interesting if I could though. 

It’s Official

Our Disney trip has been postponed.  We are hoping to go in October but that is not 100% yet.  Well if it was up to me and mom it would be 100%, for us at least, maybe not for the two girls.  I’m kinda excited about going in October, different time, but at the same time I am a little sad to be missing the EPCOT Flower and Garden Show.  I never dreamed I would like a flower and garden show as much as I do theirs.  Hopefully come October I can say “I’m going to Disney World!”

Something New Saturday(On Sunday): Yogurt and Coupons 

Since I missed last week’s Something New Saturday I’m sharing two new this this week.

1) Greek Yogurt 


I was impressed with how much I liked this lemon greek yogurt.  It is great spring snack. 

2) Coupons

I’m not big on cutting coupons but I have been loving e-couponing.  We have Meijer and Kroger by my house and they both have e-coupons so I have been doing both and saving money. 


Going to the Heart of Southern Belle Country

Well it looks like this Southern Belle will be going to the heart of Southern Belle country in a few weeks.  It’s looking like Louisiana/Mississippi here I come.  Dad has family in the Natchez, MS area and I think we are going to go visit them.  I am actually excited about it!  I want to see all the old southern homes and taste the southern cooking.  I will keep you posted! 

Spring Is Almost Here!

Today it is rainy but I am loving this weather we have been having.  The sun has been shinning, the birds have been singing, and the temps have been in the fifties.  Live is good!  I have walked outside at lunch three days this week and have loved every moment of it  I love being able to get some fresh air.  I feel like I have been cooped up these last few weeks with all that snow and cold, so this is a much needed change.  Spring is coming! 

Southern Belle Favorite Reads: 5-1

5) At the Altar of Speed: The Fast Life and Tragic Death of Dale Earnhardt by: Leigh Montville
4) The Sassy Belles/In Dixie Series by: Beth Albright
3) Pride and Prejudice by: Jane Austen
2) Message From Nam by: Danielle Steele
1) Gone With The Wind by: Margaret Mitchell