My Crazy Life 

I am convinsed if I was to write my memoir right now it would be titled Always Running Around Like a Chicken with my Head Cut Off.  Or at least that seems to be my consit state anymore.  Last week we had the kids all week while their mom was with their dad in Paris and London and I don’t mean Kentucky!  It was a week of firsts for me and an eye opening experience, that’s for sure.  It made me realize I am glad I am just “auntie”, I am not ready to have kids of my own that is certin.  I like sleep and my free time way too much.  I like going to the potty and taking a shower in peace.  I like reading but not the same children’s book everynight.  I never thought I would say this but I am tired of Peter Rabbit.  I am glad to have my life back to normal this week.  I still love those kids but some distance between us is a good thing.  I almost forgot to mention it is a little embarising when the two year old takes her clothes off in Kmart and you have to walk her out wearing just her diaper because she refuses to put her clothes back on.  

Politics and Religion

I have always been taught there are two things in life you do not talk about… politics and religion.  And with this year’s presidential race in the thick of things, that can be hard to stay away from, but I try my best to stay out of it.  I know who I am going to vote for and why, but that is for me to know and not to share over my morning cup of coffee at work.  But boy there is a lady at work that just does not get the picture.  She keeps bringing up the presidential election and me and another coworker do not bite but she continues to bring the subject up.  I wish she would get the picture that we do not want to talk about it.  So a little word of advise politics and religion really should not be topics of conversation.  Everybody is entitled to their own opinion and these two subjects can lead to much debate. 


In Light of Recent Events

Disclaimer: In light of recent events, I am not trying to point fingers or blame anyone, I am just making an outsiders opinion.  I think the two separate events were tragic on many levels. 

Growing up a Kentucky Girl, I am not too far from the Cincinnati Zoo.  In fact I have been there many times over the years, but it has been a few years since I have been there last.  You hear about people “falling” into exhibits but you never dream it could happen at “your zoo”.  But it did!  I was shocked when I first heard about the little boy falling in and then I was saddened to hear about the shooting/killing of the gorilla.  I understand fully why the zoo did what it did and I do think the boy could very much been in danger.  No one knows what that gorilla may or may not have done.  The problem I have is the fact that the kid said before hand that he wanted to go swimming with the gorillas.  And all the mom told him was no.  I understand the mother has other kids, and while i do not have kids of my own, I know it takes at least two possibly three to watch the young nieces and nephew.  But if the kid already expressed his wishes to enter the exhibit than she should have walked away to attend to the other kids so said kid would not have been tempted as soon as her back was turned. 

I love Disney!  You have probably all figured that out by now.  I was really saddened by the alligator grabbing and killing the little boy.  I lost sleep over this one.  We have a two year old and I just can not imagine if that was our little J.  History 101 on Disney World will tell you that everyone thought Walt Disney was crazy for buying so much swamp land in central Florida and they defiantly thought he was crazy for what he wanted to build on that swamp land.  And where to alligators live most in swamp land.  But Florida is filled with alligators, they even manage to get into people’s personal pools. Alligators scar the crap out of me, I am not going to lie.  I do not care if the sign only said “No Swimming” to me that means DO NOT GET IN THE WATER!

Again do not get me wrong I think these were both tragic accidents and I hope as a society we can learn from them.  Because I do feel like the society we live in today does not watch their kids close enough and we are teaching/showing them it is okay to break the rules.  And yes even “bending” the rules is breaking the rules. 

Southern Belle Contemplates: Missing Her

Two weeks ago an Anniversary passed without a passing glance.  It was not a Wedding Anniversary or a Dating Anniversary or even a Work Anniversary.  It was the Anniversary of the death of someone I loved.  My Aunt and friend.  I can’t believe it has been nine years now since she left us.  So much has changed in those 9 years.  She has 2 granddaughters now and a grandson on the way.  She has two wonderful daughter-in-laws.  I see her smile every time I look at the four year old’s smile.  Every time the eleven year old does something to make us laugh I know my Aunt would have just eaten it up.  She’s her step-granddaughter but she would not have let that four letter world change the way she felt about her.  The girls going to Disney for the first time together would have been the icing on the cake for my Aunt.  It brought a tear to my eye.  I miss her everyday but the pain in less then that day in October 2004.

Southern Belle Contemplates: Turning 30

In three months I am going to be thirty.  That’s right this Southern Belle is turning the Big Three-O.  That dreaded word!  The age that at one point in my life I thought was old.  Now at 29 it’s just another number and 60 is old.  I’m going to embrace 30; my motto is going to be “Flirty Thirty”.  Are there things I would change about my life?  Yes.  Are there things I would do or say differently?  Yes.   Are there people I have met along the way that I would give up?  No.  I have a lot of great people in my life that I can’t imagine my life without.  Am I where I thought I would be by the time I was 30?  Of course not, far from it.  I was going to be married to a NASCAR driver and own my own magazine, not single still and working at a job that really has no room for growth.  North Carolina was going to be my home not Kentucky still.  I was going to be rich not living paycheck to paycheck.  For 32 weekends a year I was going to be in a different state every week.  Not sitting at home waiting for my next vacation to get out-of-town.  My weeks were going to be spent at charity events and photo shoots not at home board out of my mind.  My winters were going to include fun in the sun and sand not snow and cold.  I was going to live my life at 200 miles per hour not 20 miles per hour.  When you are 19 going on 20 you are filled with dreams and wild ideas.  When you are 29 going on 30 you are filled with reality and a hope for a better tomorrow.

Southern Belle Contemplates: “Hart of Dixie”

I have been watching “Hart of Dixie” on Netflix, and I love it.  I love all the characters and the quirkiness of the town.  I’m loving the town of Blue Bell, AL.   All the parades, concerts, plays, and parties they put on.  There is some kind of town event for each holiday and even some town holidays.  I just have one thing to say that when the show ends Zoe better end up with George or I am not going to be a happy fan.  I love her and George together!  I know her and Wade have sparks but the sparks between her and George are so much more intense.  Zoe and George forever!

Southern Belle Contemplates: “Me” Day

I have decided I do not take enough time for me.  I try to work a full-time job, a part-time job, and write as much as I can.  I’m searching for my career, my Mr. Right, and sometimes I think even my sanity.  I need a “me” day to unwind and not think about any of these things.  I want to be one of those people at Starbucks on their computer for a few hours working and drinking coffee, my writing sure could use it. I want to go to the aquarium or museum by myself and just look because I can.  I want to read my book in the middle of the day and not just a few pages at lunch, I mean chapter upon chapters.   I need to plan a “me” day real soon!