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Opening Day in Reds Country

It’s Opening Day in Cincinnati Reds Country!  And that is a big deal!  People camp out in freezing cold weather just to get tickets for the game.  Rain, sleet, snow, or record temperatures in either direction will not keep people away from the Opening Day Parade.  It might be one of the only sell out games of the season but Opening Day is a tradition.   And everybody has their own Opening Day tradition, even this Southern Belle.  Today this Southern Belle is wearing red!

Season Of Change

It looks like a season of change is upon me at work. It’s going to be an interesting couple of weeks ahead. It might be a bumpy ride but we as a group will get through it. Hopefully some of this change going around will carry over to my personal life.


The calendar says it is spring, officially, but I don’t think Mother Nature has gotten the memo.  I’m tired of her playing peak-a-boo with us and spring.  Just when it starts to warm up for a few days the cold comes back in and in some cases the snow comes with it.  They are calling for snow here again tonight.  Oh yeah!  I want to be able to wear my flip-flops, my feet are sick and tired of being crammed into socks and shoes, they want to breathe.  Hopefully this will be the last cold snap, with snow.  Warmer weather can not get here fast enough!  Happy Spring everyone!

Goodbye Army Wives

Last night the Army Wives Final Salute aired on Lifetime TV.  I am very sad this show is no longer.  For many years now Army Wives has been part of my Sunday nights for several weeks a year.  It show a different side of the Army/Military that exists but no one really thinks about or may not understand, The Wives at home.  I loved the friendship between the ladies and one man on the show.  They were all from different backgrounds but they made for an interesting group of characters.  I’m sure that is how it is in real life for the real military wives.  Thank Lifetime for Army Wives it will be greatly missed.

My Lenten Journey

I was raised Catholic.  I went to the Catholic Grade School for 8 years and then on to the Catholic High School for 4 more years.  Then I took it a step further and went to a Catholic Liberal Arts College for 4 more years.  So all said I have 16 years of Catholic education under my belt.  To add to it, the only two organizations I have ever worked for are Catholic Organizations.  So I decided for this Lenten Season I was going to do something a little different.  Instead of giving something up, I usually don’t last a week anyway because I forget, I am going to read “The Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren.  I think it is going to be an eye-opening journey this Lenten season.

Lenten Journey