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Final Month

One month from today is my 30th Birthday.  I only have one month left of my twenties.  Wow, that is a little strange to say!  As I prepare for my thirtieth Birthday I have been contemplating a few things.  The most important is, I’m going to make my thirtieth year worth it.  It’s going to be a year of much-needed change.  I hope by this time next year I am a different person inside and out.  This Southern Belle has been living under a magnolia tree and it’s time to come out and start smelling those magnolias. It’s time to take life by the horns.

A Bracelet That Tells A Story

Last Christmas I got a Pandora bracelet as a gift.  I knew of them but I was not in dare need of one.  But know that I have one and mine is getting some character, I love it.  It tells the story of me and with it being the black looped one, so it is like a double bracelet, there is plenty of room for my story to grow.  Not all of my charms are Pandora and I am okay with that, after all sometimes another’s charm best fits the story.  My bracelet has a buffalo, Mount Rushmore, an Open Heart, my birthstone, my initial, a cupcake since I love to bake, and of course about 5 Disney charms.  I have some ideas for more charms to purchase.  A camera since I love to take pictures, a ladybug for my favorite five-year old, a 48 for my favorite NASCAR driver, something to commemorate my upcoming 30 birthday, of course a OBX one since I love the Outer Banks, and  if I could find one that looks like it has something to do with writing that would be cool too.  There is one I have my eye on at Brighton, it’s a frog with a crown on, so like he is the frog prince,  it is really cute.  I wonder if they make Duck Dynasty ones!  If not yet maybe soon.  I never imagined a bracelet could be fun.

In Search Of My Christmas Spirit

Usually I love Christmas time and last year I had all my gifts purchased by this time but this year I just can not get in the Spirit.  This year I don’t know what to buy the people on my list and it just doesn’t really feel like Christmas time.  I’ve been watching the non-stop Christmas movies on Hallmark Channel and usually those make me happy but not this year.  I have listen to the Duck Dynasty Christmas cd at least fifty times, and while I love it, it too has not gotten me in the Spirit.  We are on week two of four of Secret Santa at work but it just isn’t the same this year.   A few weeks ago I tried watching my favorite Christmas Movie White Christmas and I feel asleep.  I have started my Christmas cards but again it’s half hearted.   I don’t know when or where I lost my Christmas Spirit but I would love to get it back.