Archive | March 2016

Past and Present

My aunt was one of the greatest people I will ever know.  She was brave and strong during her cancer battle, she was funny and caring and loved by all.  Her death was hard for me, I am not going to lie.  She was more than my aunt she was my friend too.  It’s hard to believe she has been gone almost 12 years now.  I know she would want my uncle to be happy but the woman he has chosen to move on with is so not the one she would have chosen if she could have chosen.  She is a witch with a capital B.  She is nothing and I mean noting like my aunt.  If my aunt knew the way she treats my cousins and their kids she would not be happy one bit.  My aunt never got to meet her grandkids but I know they would have been her whole life.  His girlfriend doesn’t like when he spends too much time with them because it takes time away from her.  She doesn’t like us either, we get the skank eye when we are around.  Well we don’t like her either but there is no eye giving from us.  She is just so different from my aunt and it amazes me that she is who my uncle picked.  But he is the one that has to live with his choice.  I just know me and her will never be as close as me and my aunt were.