Making a Few Changes

I’m getting ready to make a few much needed changes to my life.

1) I am an impulse buyer and I need to stop that. I need to take an Amazon and Etsy hiaidis. My thought, every time I think about something I want to look at I will write it down for later. My hope is by the time I go to look it up my urge to purchase will have passed.

2) I have so many books I want to read and a good number of them are self-help/motivational books. I have a hard time really getting into those type of books. So I’m going to try something new starting August 1st (I want to see how it goes so I think this is a good day to start). I have quite time every morning. During the week it is after my shower before I make my coffee and get dressed and on the weekends well I’m usually the first one up. So I’m going to start reading (at least) five pages a day during the week and ten pages a day on the weekends of a self- help/motivational book. It may take me two months to read one book but that is okay. And I can still read the books I enjoy more during my free time.

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