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Vacation Photo Week Day 2

I was actually going to post a photo not from the Outer Banks today but this popped up in my memories so I thought why not.  In all our trips to the Outer Banks this was the only time we saw the wild horses on the beach.  We have seen the wild horses every time but usually back among the houses in the 4 wheel drive area.  The horse tour is my favorite part of the whole trip. 

Outer Banks Vacation: Wild Horse Tour

My favorite thing to do in the Outer Banks is the wild horse tour.  I really like seeing the wild horses but for me the best part is the bumpy ride driving on the beach getting to where the horses are.  That’s right driving on the beach.  The wild horses are in protected land that starts after 12 ends and the 4 wheel drive area starts.   This year we took the Hummer horse tour.  It was Great!.  These are special hummers and they really were great for the ride on the beach and seeing the horses.  They are open aired so I had the ocean air on my face and the wind blowing through my hair.  I can’t wait to go again.  I hope they keep the hummers.

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