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Southern Belle Wedding 

I have found where I want to get married!  There is this beautiful antebellum house in Natchez called Dunleith, that is a bed and breakfast and they now host weddings.  This is how a Southern Belle should get married.  Not only is the house beautiful but the grounds are too.  If you get married there you are sure to have a wedding to remember and pictures to back it up.  Now if only I could find the staircase with Rhett Butler standing at the bottom or if Prince Charming decides to give that white horse of his a break and stop to ask for directions.  





Wearing My Heart On My Sleeve

I don’t usually open up about my personal and love life but I thought today I would.  Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, a Day for Lovers.  Well to me it’s just another day.  Last year though I thought maybe I was heading in the right direction for once in my life.  I thought I had found the perfect man, I just had to get him to see it. But it was not to be, he already had someone to love him and love back.  And boy was he PERFECT!  I saw us going to Disney together wearing our Minnie and Mickey ears, holding hands walking down Main Street USA, kissing in front of Cinderella’s Castle and taking a horse drawn carriage ride around Port Orleans.  I saw us taking sunset walks on the beach in the Outer Banks and smiling arm in arm in front of the Lighthouse in Corolla.  I saw us spending a romantic weekend in Savannah, enjoying dinner for two by the stream in Gatlinburg, and showing him the Badlands.  I saw me coming home from work and cooking dinner for him.  But my hopes and dreams faded away and my prince charming feel off his white horse. And now here I sit waiting for my real Prince Charming to gallup up on his white horse.

Falling In Love

100_6801Why is it that the girl who believes in love at first sight and fairy tale endings can’t find love herself?  I know my prince charming is out there somewhere but it seems like he got lost along the way because it is taking him a long time to get here.  I wonder if he will ride up on a white horse or a pick-up truck and if he will be a true southern gentleman.  Maybe I have already meet him and he’s just waiting for the defining moment when he realizes that he and I together would be better than us on our own.  Time will only tell!