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Tiger Butter

What is tiger butter?  Tiger Butter is Fudge!

Here is how you make Tiger Butter…

What you need…

1 lb. Milk Chocolate

1 lb. White Chocolate

1 Cup Peanut Butter

9×13 pan

What to do…

  • Melt Milk Chocolate and White Chocolate Separately
  • Once both chocolates are melted. Stir Peanut Butter into White Chocolate
  • Pour Milk Chocolate into bottom of 9×13 pan
  • Pour White Chocolate/Peanut Butter Mixture over Milk Chocolate
  • Swirl the Milk Chocolate and White Chocolate/Peanut Butter
  • Let setup (I put mine in the fridge overnight to setup)

You can probably use a smaller pan if you want your fudge thicker but I think this makes a perfect fudge.  And the people at work seem to think so too.  They love this fudge!