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2020 The Year I Was Going To Do More

This was the year I was going to do more…

– More Disney (3 trips we were thinking)

– More Me time (alone)

– More time for the blog

– More reading

Thanks to COVID the only more I have been able to do…

* More eating

* More Sleeping

* More time at home

* More time in my jammies

* More non alone time (and very little me time)

* A little more reading but not as much as I would have liked

* More home cooked meals

* More game show watching

Disney Vacation March 2020

This Disney Trip was the most exausting both physicaly and mentaly.  I love the kids but, wow!  We had so many meltdowns this year.  Overall the kids had a great time (I think) and the now five year old did so much better with the characters this year.  She also lead the way in meltdowns.  It was hot for most of the week so I am sure that is part of it.  Again this year my boy was probalby the best (he had his moments too) but he is pretty much a go with the flow kind of kid.  He by far is our roller coaster rider and he loved all the ones he rode.  One of the things I am glad we got to do was the Pirate League at the Magic Kingdom.  All three of the kids enjoyed their pirate makeover and I am so sad it is closing.  The people were great and were wonderful with our three “priates to be”.  Especially the little one.  She is very shy and did not talk much but she so enjoyed getting her nails painted and her hair braided.  She thought she was a princess and not a pirate in the making.

Coming Soon

A little over a month ago I was so excited to share some highlights and tips from my Disney Trip. I was organizing all my thoughts and then stay at home happened. I’m not going to lie it took me a good two weeks to adjust to “the new normal”. I am a creature of habit and my habit was blown completely out of the water. But now I have come to terms with “the new normal” and even embraced it on some fronts (like pjs on as soon as I get home from work, and on the weekends by Sunday night I might look like I’ve been on the hot mess express but I don’t care). So I’m getting the juices flowing again and I have a lot I want to share with you (including highlights and tips from my Disney Trip, even if you can’t go right now). Stay tuned!

What a Difference 30 Days Can Make

March 1st, I woke up to sun, warm temperatures, and the excitement of being on vacation. March 2nd was the start of my five days away from reality at “The Most Magical Place on Earth”. There was some tragedy while we were there, but my extent of news was news from the “little bubble” of Disney World. I never imagined March would end so differently than it started. Yes, the temperature is starting to rise, and the sun is shining more, and the flowers are in bloom here in Kentucky. But “The Most Magical Place on Earth” is closed and travel should not be done. My new reality is work Monday through Friday and home and in my PJ’s by 5:30. I’m trying to read as much as I can, as my reality escape, but I can only do that for so long. It’s amazing to me how things can change so drastically within one month.

The Most Magical Place (but not right now)

I am super sad that Disney World is closed right now. I get it but I hate that people can not escape from this reality right now in the Most Magical Place. I know it did wonders for me two weeks ago. It’s just strange to me that right now no rides are running, no shows are playing, and Main Street USA has nobody walking right down the middle. But most of all it saddens me that many people had to cancel or put on hold making wonderful family memories.

Favorite Super Bowl Commerical

It dawned on me my favorite Super Bowl Commercial is the same one each year. And it doesn’t even air during the Super Bowl. The one I look forward to every year is the one that starts out with “when you wish upon a star…”. And ends with the Super Bowl MVP saying “I’m going to Disney World.”

Raising Disney Kids; Walt Disney World Trip # 2 Update 

Our next Disney Trip with kids is inching closer and closer.  This year I am letting the kids pick a theme for our shirts for one of the days we are at Disney.  We have Villians, Star Wars, and Princesses.  These themes do not surprise me one bit.  I’m just not one hundred precent sure how I am going to do each theme.  We have now rented a 12 passanger van so we can all ride together and only have one car.  This should be fun.  This trip we really will be a bus.  I hope the kids think it is an adventure.  We have not officially told them we are going to Disney yet so everything we say is “if we go back to Disney”.  Although the four year old did tell my dad the other week Disney Hotels are her favorite.  Me too little one, me too.  This year we are staying at Coronado Springs.  I will get them to my favorite (Port Orleans Riverside) one of these days.  Put I know one thing for sure we will not be going back to Pop Century or any resort that has the Skyliner.  

My Ever Growing Obsession

My Minnie Ear Obsession just keeps growing.

Just ordered these

It’s even moving into my Christmas Tree

Just Ordered This Ornament

Both purchased from shopdisney.com

Crying and Driving

While I have highly enjoyed listening to Gary Sinise’s Grateful American maybe it was not the best book to be listening to while driving. This morning he was talking about the Snowball Express, something I got to get a small glimpse of at Disney World last year and I was balling like a baby. I have shed more tears listening to this book than a need in the whole year before I started it.