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31 Day Blogging Challenge Day 2: 20 Facts About Me 

20 Facts about Me…
1) I am a hopeless romantic

2) I am still looking for my Mr. Right

3) I love to bake

4) I am starting to love to cook

5) I am a Food Network Junkie

6) The Pioneer Woman is my favorite Food Network Show

7) My favorite vacation spot is the Outer Banks of NC; especially the town of Corolla

8) Surprisingly I love Disney World more now as an adult then I did when I was a kid

9) I enjoy all things southern

10) Gone With the Wind is my favorite book and movie

11) When I was a child my favorite movie was Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

12) Two Cities I would love to spend more time exploring are New Orleans and Savannah, there is just something about them that has drawn me in

13) I am a huge Civil War buff

14) I still love sending post cards from vacation, especially to the kids, and I still write thank you notes

15) I love Vera Bradley bags; even my luggage is Vera Bradley. I have been known to have a least 25 pieces of Vera Bradley with me on one trip. Of course I am in seventh heaven now that there are Disney Vera Bradley’s! (I even have Vera Bradley stickers on my laptop.)

16) I love crime shows: Blue Bloods, Criminal Minds, & Castle are probably my top three

17) I love to take pictures and make things out of the pictures I take

18) Pink is my favorite color

19) I love spoiling the kids

20) I love old antebellum homes

Southern Belle Contemplates: Bye-Bye Isand Blooms

I knew this day would come but that doesn’t make it any easier.  My favorite Vera Bradley pattern of all time is being discontinued.  I don’t know why I like this pattern best but I have bought many things in this pattern.  It’s a summer pattern but it works all year-long.  It is Island Blooms.  To me it looks like it was made for a Southern Belle.  Good Bye Island Blooms, I’m going to miss you!

photo (1)

Southern Belle Contemplates Monday (on Tuesday): Vera Bradley Outlet

I love Vera Bradley!  Everyone that knows me knows this.  I’m always caring a Vera Bradley bag.  In fact every day I have a least ten pieces of Vera Bradley with me at one time.  When we went to Disney World I took about 25 pieces with me.  This past weekend when we went away for a couple of nights I had a least 15 pieces with me.  When I found out that come fall the Disney Parks are going to start selling Mickey and Minnie Vera Bradley bags I was overly excited.  Two of my favorite things rolled into one.! I can’t wait to either order one on-line or get one next year if/when I go back to Disney World.  So when I found out there is a Vera Bradley Outlet Store in the newly reopened Opry Mills Mall in Nashville, I was a little excited.  After all Nashville is one of our favorite places to travel for a weekend getaway.  Well this past weekend that is where we went to get away, Nashville!  The only thing I had on my list was to hit three stores in the mall; Disney, Vera, and Bass Pro.  I know that is a strange list but that is where this Southern Belle wanted to shop at.  Disney and Vera because well as you can tell I love Disney and I am obsessed with Vera Bradley Bags.  Bass Pro because I wanted to see what kind of Duck Commander/Duck Dynasty stuff they had.  Getting back on track now.  On Saturday I made it to the Vera Bradley Outlet.  Well I am not going to lie I was a little disappointed with it.  The prices were okay and they were having a great sale but I think I do better purchasing from the on-line outlet.  I did purchase a few things, and for the few things I did purchase I had to wait about a half hour in line in an extremely hot store, I was about to pass out by the time I got to the register.  If I was purchasing on-line I could have done it in my PJ’s and with the AC freezing me out!  In fact I was very disappointed with the whole mall, if I ever go back to that mall it will be too soon!