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Ice Cream For Valentine’s Day

One of my favorite things to do for myself on Valentine’s Day is to buy myself some Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey Ice Cream!  I’m not a big ice cream eater and hardly ever pay the price for Ben & Jerry’s but I do like treating myself on Valentine’s Day.  I may have to make my Chunky Monkey part of my lunch this year because I got plans this Valentine’s Day.  I’m watching the one year old and six year old!  Chunky Monkey, for those of you who may not know, is Banana Flavored Ice Cream with Walnuts, and Big Chunks of Chocolate.  Just what this Southern Belle needs on a Hallmark Holiday for Lovers!

Valentine’s Day

Love and Hearts

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.  Let me jump up and down with joy.  It’s just another Hallmark Holiday.  Restaurants will be packed, there will be a sea of red everywhere you go, and the amount of flowers sent, wow!  Last evening I was in a local grocery store and the tables and tables of flowers waiting to be purchased for tomorrow was astonishing.  My plans for tomorrow;  first I will go to work, where I will be wearing all black because I am just not in the red mood for tomorrow.  After work I will come home and spend some time with my new favorite man, Castle.  There will be a glass of champagne along the way as well as some time spent with two of my favorite men, Ben and Jerry, Chunky Monkey is a Valentine’s Day must.  Then I will curl up with a tall, dark, and handsome man, but his name will depend on what book I chose to read.  And I may spend a little time with my favorite man, Rhett Butler.