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No Extra Shopping August 

I have been buying way too much as of late so I am challenging myself the whole month of August to not purchase anything more that I have to.  I have way too much junk and I keep bringing more in, so it is time to slow down.  I have a whole stack of books I have yet to read so defitily no new books.  It’s back to school time and I am usually a sucker for notebooks, pens, and all things back to school, so I need to stay away from that too.  I have vacation coming up in two months which usually means this is about the time I start going crazy purchasing stuff for vacation.  But not this year, I can make due with what I already have.  I have a few birthdays coming up so gifts are okay.  And of couse food is okay.  I will let you know at the end of the month how my no extra purchaes month went.  

Catching Up

Wow!  What a whirlwind these last two weeks have been.  Last week I was in the Heart of Southern Belle Country having a great time enjoying Southern Homes.  Then Friday night I was at the Grand Ole Opry,  Saturday we got home from vacation, and Sunday was Easter.  Sunday was also the day the one year old became a big brother and the six year old finally got her little sister.  Monday I watched the one year old and six year old and then Tuesday it was back to work from Vacation.  So these past two weeks have been a whirlwind.  I need this weekend to try to catch up.  I have so many things I want to share with you but just have not had the time.  Bear with me everyone it will all be shared very soon. 

I Need A Vacation

I am beyond ready for a Vacation!  I need a vacation more and more each day.  I honestly think I am about to lose my mind or may already have.  Good thing my next vacation is less than two weeks away.  I am so ready to curl up with my Paperwhite and read a good book, maybe take in a new city (New Orleans), visit beautiful old Southern Mansions, eat delicious Southern Food, and sleep past 6:00 in the morning (hopefully).  Yeah this vacation is much needed. 

Southern Belle Favorite Things: Relaxing Vacation Spot

My favorite vacation spot for relaxing is the Outer Banks of NC.  To me it is a little piece of paradise!  We always go in October so it is so peaceful and quite.  The Outer Banks has wild horses, lighthouses, beautiful sunrises, and even more beautiful sunsets.  Summer in the Outer Banks is a little crazy but fall is just perfect, especially for taking it easy at the beach!  I can’t wait to go back to the Outer Banks!


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