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Sorry Spring Has Gotten The Best of Me

I am sorry I have not been around as much lately.  This spring weather we have been having has gotten the best of me.  I want to be out and about.  I blog a lot of times while I am eating lunch but here as of late I have been walking outside in the Spring Air at lunch.  The fresh air has been much need but that also means that I do not get to blog.  I can not do both walk and blog.  That would be interesting if I could though. 

Spring Is Almost Here!

Today it is rainy but I am loving this weather we have been having.  The sun has been shinning, the birds have been singing, and the temps have been in the fifties.  Live is good!  I have walked outside at lunch three days this week and have loved every moment of it  I love being able to get some fresh air.  I feel like I have been cooped up these last few weeks with all that snow and cold, so this is a much needed change.  Spring is coming! 


Well winter has kicked our butts this week and it is not done yet.  We had snow two days this week, now we have subzero temps, and we are supposed to get more snow tonight.  Oh goody!  I may just be ready for a move to Florida.  It was cold, for them, there too though.  Hopefully this is the last of this kind of weather.  Spring can not get here fast enough for me.  Dreaming of a warm beach!


The calendar says it is spring, officially, but I don’t think Mother Nature has gotten the memo.  I’m tired of her playing peak-a-boo with us and spring.  Just when it starts to warm up for a few days the cold comes back in and in some cases the snow comes with it.  They are calling for snow here again tonight.  Oh yeah!  I want to be able to wear my flip-flops, my feet are sick and tired of being crammed into socks and shoes, they want to breathe.  Hopefully this will be the last cold snap, with snow.  Warmer weather can not get here fast enough!  Happy Spring everyone!