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31 Day Blogging Challenge Day 3: The Meaning of Your Business Name 

I am a Southern Belle at heart so when I started a blog it was a no brainer for me that Southern Belle would be in the title somewhere. A Southern Belle is known for her Charm so Southern Belle Charm seemed like a fitting title when naming my blog. I wanted my Southern Belle Charm to come out in my blog. 

Sorry It’s Been A While 

Sorry, it has been a long time since I posted last. Blogging and having to share your computer do not mix well. But Santa took care of that problem today, Mom got a new laptop for Christmas and this Southern Belle gets her laptop back! I am currently doing lots of research on how to make my blog better, so hopefully in the New Year there will be a new and improved Southern Belle Charm. Thank you for reading and I will catch up with you soon. 

April 1865

The war is over!  Thomas will be coming home soon.  The twins and I will be so happy to see him.  They are almost two now and they have only seen their father a few times.  My little Thomas Jr. and Sarah will have their father finally and I will have the love of my life back.  I can’t believe this war lasted this long.  I want to go back to Bardstown, I like Louisville but I am ready to be back in Bardstown and Thomas and I can really start our live together and have more babies.  I know my husband is going to need some time to get over what he has seen over the last four plus years.  He has seen things no man should see.  My heart aches for him for all the loss he has had to endure.  The twins are waking up now I have to go let them know daddy is coming home. 

February 1863

The war is almost two now.  My Thomas is still leading his troops in and out of battles.  I miss him dearly.  He came home for a few days at Christmas.  Having him here with me again if for a few days was the greatest Christmas gift.  My love has changed so much since the start of the war.  He is not the same man who left here almost two years ago.  I guess war will change a man.  At least he is still alive, so many of the boys from here in Louisville as well as Bardstown are not so lucky.  I hope this war ends soon but if it does not and my Thomas must stay away for a while still at least he left me with the greatest gift possible, I am in the family way.  I hope it is a boy, a little Thomas. 

April 1861

The war started yesterday and Thomas left to take up his command.  My heart is broken in two with my Thomas gone.  I have not stopped crying since he left yesterday.  I’ll be traveling to Louisville soon to stay with his family there.  The world I am living in is changing too fast.  I want my Thomas back with me so we can start the family we have been talking about.  We have been married less than a month and already we are separated.  I hope this war ends quick, Thomas comes home quick, he is safe, and we can be together again and then babies, lots of babies.  .  Last month when we were married I never knew I could love someone this much and my heart could ache this much with him gone.  He is my heart and soul. 

March 1861

Yesterday was my wedding day to my dear Thomas.  Our wedding was small but beautiful.  We were married in the little chapel down the road and had a small party here at the plantation after the ceremony.  With states seceding and the talk of war increasing we wanted to be married before the war starts and my Thomas takes his command with the troops.  I love him so much and my heart aches thinking about being away from him. When the war starts I’m going to Louisville to stay with his family there.  I have never been gone from Bardstown and the beautiful grounds here but I am a married woman now and I have to do what my husband feels is best.  I hate this war already and it has not even started.