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Amazon Junkie

I am such an Amazon junkie. I have even starting purchasing pictures from Amazon. I have found they are cheaper then even Walreens, even with a sale, and you get free shipping if you are a prime member. The quality of the pictures is really good too. So if you need to print some of those pictures off your digital camera I recommend checking out Amazon Prints.

Vacation Pictures

I have finally made it through the almost 2,000 pictures I took while on vacation at Disney World and I have to say I think this is my favorite picture from this trip.

Vacation Photo Week Day 7

I started with an Outer Banks sunset so why not end with an Outer Banks Sunrise.  I just love the colors in the sky.  This was right from the deck of the house we were staying in back in 2014.  I loved waking up each morning and watching the sun rise.  

Vacation Photo Week Day 6

The Grand Tetons, Father’s Day Weekend 2011.  That’s right we were there in June and there was still snow in the mountains.  That year we left Rapid City and went to Jackson Hole, WY so we could see the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone.

Vacation Photo Week Day 4

This was from last October when we took a dolphin cruise in Treasure Island.  We take a dolphin cruise on every beach vacation but this one was trying.  The then one year old was not having being on the boat.  

Vacation Photo Week Day 3

This was from our second trip to South Dakota.  This is Custer State Park.  There is just something about these animals.  They are so majestic.  I never dreamt I would like our first trip to SD let alone asking to  go back a second time.  I highly recommend going to at least Rapid City at least once if you get the chance.

Vacation Photo Week Day 1

This is from our very first trip to the Outer Banks back in 2007.  We were driving home from dinner through the town of Duck as the sun was setting over the sound.  Dad pulled over so I could snap a picture. 

Disney Photo Week Day 2

I love this picture from EPCOT.  I took it from Germany in the World Showcase and I love that the monorail can be seen through the trees.  I love how the giant white ball of Spaceship Earth  is surrended by the beautiful blue Florida sky.  EPCOT is probably my least favorite of the four parks but its sights like this, and the flower and garden show, that keeps me coming back.