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Southern Belle Favorite: Free Prints

I found an app last week that if it works as good as it sounds could quickly become a favorite.  It’s called Free Prints, and it is supposed to be just that, an app where you can order free prints of pictures on your phone and all you have to pay is the shipping.  I love taking photos and a lot of times I take them on my phone because it is handy.  I placed my first order last week so I will keep you posted on if it really works or not. 


Southern Belle Favorite: Amazon/Amazon Prime

I am an Amazon.com junkie.  There is usually at least one box a week coming to the house, so I can not even try to deny it, there is proof.  And I love pretty much all things Amazon.  I have two Kindles, one paperwhite and one fire, I use subscribe and save for my k-cups, I have a fire tv stick for when we travel, and I would buy the fire phone in a heart beat if the price was not so high.  Last year I had just renewed my prime when the price went up so I was okay till this year.  I tried getting by without renewing my prime but the first time I ordered something without my prime shipping advantage it took over a week to get, and there were Birthday gifts.  After that I just could not do it anymore I broke down and paid that higher prime price.  It’s not that I mind paying for the prime, I just wish you could pay monthly and not all at one time.  I honestly do not know what I would do without amazon.  And I really do not use my prime for the free movies and tv.  I hardly watch prime videos and I use prime music from time to time.  I get the prime more for the shipping. 


Southern Belle Favorite: Zazzle

I just found a website/app that could really get this Southern Belle into some trouble.  Zazzle, and it is a creative minds paradise  not to mention a small business owner.  You can get anything from Business Cards to Wedding Invitations and customized photo products.  What’s not to love?!  I have already placed three orders and it’s only been a little over a week since I found it.  Plus if you pay $9.95 a year you can get free shipping.  Now apparently they have been around for ten years now but I’m just coming out from under the rock I live in.  Check it out, this website could easily become my new addiction.