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Southern Belle Contemplates Monday: Vera Bradley

I have a Vera Bradley obsession, I’m not going to lie about it.  I love the bright-colored purses and bags.  I even have the Vera Bradley luggage, large spinner and small spinner.  So of course now my computer is decked out in Vera Bradley too, just like my Kindle and Phone.  I mean of course I have a Vera Bradley laptop case but no one really sees that unless I am carrying my laptop somewhere.  But now everyone can see it when I use my laptop.  My prescription glasses and sun glasses are even Vera Bradley!


Southern Belle Contemplates Monday (A Week Late): Catching Up

Sorry, it has been a crazy week around here.  I feel like I am going non-stop all day everyday.  This Southern Belle is wearing herself out.  I work, work, work, try to have somewhat of a social life, make family time, plus try to fit a book or two in there somewhere too.  I need a vacation!  And except for a few weekend trips coming up in the next few months I don’t have a vacation planned till after the first of the year.  I love working hard but some days I feel like I am working too hard.  The one plus to the week is the new season of Duck Dynasty.  I love that show and it makes me get my mind off stuff for a little bit.  I will always make time for Duck Dynasty into my busy schedule.  Hopefully the next week goes better.

Southern Belle Contemplates Monday (On Tuesday): 10 Random Things From My Southern Belle Brain

Ten Random Things I have been thinking about and thought I would share.

  1. I think Hallmark Channel or someone else should make movies out of the “Yada Yada Prayer Group”.  I would love to see my favorite characters come to live on the screen.
  2. Part of me thinks it would be cool if they did a “Gone With The Wind” movie re-make.
  3. I think it would interesting if they did a “The Nanny” reunion movie.
  4. While I liked that the new “90210” ended with Liam and Annie getting engaged, I would have liked it better if the show ended with them getting married.
  5. The Pioneer Woman is probably my favorite celebrity cook and probably the one I can relate to the most.
  6. I think I might write a book, or at least try.
  7. I would love to see Morgan and Garcia end up together on “Criminal Minds”
  8. I really don’t think “Scarlett: The Sequel to Gone With The Wind” is what Margaret Mitchell would have had in mind if she was going to write a sequel.  The Scarlett in there was not the Scarlett from the original.
  9. On “Revenge” I don’t really think Declan is dead.
  10. I can’t wait to hear who is going to play Christian Gray and Gideon Cross in the movies for “Fifty Shades of Gray” and “Bared To You”.  I think Colin Egglesfield could pull off one of them.

Southern Belle Contemplates Monday: Nashville (TV Show)

This past year I did not watch the show Nashville.  Mainly because it is on at the same time as Criminal Minds and well I can’t miss my Criminal Minds.  Well this summer I have been catching up on Season 1 of Nashville.  I am watching episode 12 right now as we speak and I am loving this show so far.  I can’t wait to get home from work each day so I can watch more.  I will be ready for Season 2 when it starts this fall.  I will still be watching Criminal Minds on Wednesday nights but I will catch up on Nashville the next day.  September can’t get here fast enough!

Southern Belle Contemplates Monday (on Wednesday): Radio

I don’t usually listen to the radio, I prefer books on cd when I am driving to and from work.  The only time I have the radio on in my car is if I have someone riding with me.  But there is a song on country radio right now I can’t get enough of.  In fact I can’t get enough of the music video either.  I’m sure you are wondering what song I am talking about.  It is “Redneck Crazy” by Tyler Farr.  There is something about that song and his voice that has just drawn me in.  I can’t wait for October 15th for his cd to come out.  I can’t wait to listen to it for the first time and to hear his voice on different types of songs.

Southern Belle Contemplates Monday: A Surprise Winner in NH

Yesterday afternoon in New Hampshire a man who has been through hell and back, or at least it seems, surprised thousands.  Brian Vickers won the New Hampshire race yesterday.  That’s right I said Brian Vickers won the NASCAR Sprint Cup race yesterday!  Vickers does not even have a full-time ride.  Yesterday he was racing the number 55 car for Michael Waltrip Racing.  A few years ago it was unsure if Vickers would be able to ever race again after a health issue side-lined him.  In fact it could have even killed him, so his winning yesterday was a great ending to a long story.  Maybe this will mean Vickers can find a full-time ride for next year.  Congratulations Brian Vickers!

Southern Belle Contemplates Monday: My Perfect Idea of Living

So my longing to go to Rapid City got me thinking.  If I won the lottery and could live anywhere I want and be able to work from home, I would want to live Mid-May to Mid-September in Rapid City and Mid-September to Mid-May in The Outer Banks of NC.  I love both places!  They are both beautiful in their own right.  The Outer Banks has the ocean, wild horses and peacefulness.  Rapid City has rolling hills, buffalo that roam, and peacefulness.  I wouldn’t want to do the winters in Rapid City because of the snow and I wouldn’t want to do the summers in the Outer Banks because of the crowds.  By living like that I would have the best of both worlds.  I would have a Condo in Rapid City and a Beach House in the Outer Banks.  It would be so cool to spend Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years on the beach and to spend Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day at Mount Rushmore.  It might never happen but a Southern Belle can dream!  Dream about living the Perfect Life.

Southern Belle Contemplates Monday: Disney and Childhood

Last month I spent five “Magical” days in Disney World!  During my time there I ate, slept, and breathed Mickey Mouse!  The food was fit for a Princess and the hotel was fit for a Southern Belle!  We had a great time!  So much so that I am ready to go back!  I want to go back in January for my 30th Birthday!  You only turn 30 once and I want to live it up in the Florida sun.  I want to spend my milestone Birthday with Minnie, Mickey, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Cinderella, Belle, Ariel, and Aurora.  They are like family!  I have known them for as long as I can remember.  Disney movies were like my X-Box!  No, there was no playing games like with a X-Box but boy did I spend a lot of time with my Disney Movies.  “Mary Poppins”, “Sleeping Beauty”, “Bed Knobs and Broomsticks”, and “The Little Mermaid”.  One Christmas I got a set of twin baby dolls, one had pink clothes on and the other blue.  So what did I name them?  They were Jane and Michael Banks of course!  My grandma’s knitting bag was my “carpet-bag” and the loose knob on my Aunt’s bed was my magic knob to take me where I wanted to go.  And wouldn’t you know it, my tape measure always said that I was “Practically Perfect In Every Way” too.  While I loved “Sleeping Beauty” and I’m still waiting for the one that I have “Danced With Once Upon A Dream”, I was always a little scared when Maleficent turned into the dragon and was spitting fire at Prince Philip.  Yeah these are the memories of my childhood and as I embark on a new phase of my life I think it is only fitting that I spend a little more time reliving my childhood.  After all in my book Disney World is a “Magical” “Fun Place” no matter what age you are!

Southern Belle Contemplates Monday: My New Favorite TV Show

As always I’m coming into a phenomenon a day late and a dollar short.  This time it is Duck Dynasty.  I just recently started watching the show and I am obsessed.  It is so funny!  I can’t get enough of Jase, Willie, Jep, Phil, Martin, Godwin, and of course Uncle Si!  Every time I watch it my sides hurt from laughing so hard.

The first episode I really sat down to watch was the Season 3 Final where Willie and Korie take the family to Hawaii.  After that show I could not wait to watch more.  I ordered Seasons 1 and 2 on DVD from Amazon right away and have already pre-ordered Season 3.  In fact as we were driving through Georgia on our way back from Disney World I was watching Duck Dynasty on the portable DVD Player.   Now that is the way to travel!

I know a lot of people who watch the show.   In fact it was because I heard them talking about it so much that I wanted to watch to see what it was all about, and when I saw the previews for the Hawaii episode I knew that was the one I had to watch.  I just knew that was going to be interesting!  Now I am like them people talking about it.  I can’t wait for Season 4!

Uncle Si by far has to be the funniest!  I like Jase, Willie, and Phil.  Ms. Kay is great too.  Jep is quite but boy does he have Ms. Kay wrapped around his little finger and that makes for some entrainment, especially when Willie is around to watch it.  I love when Jase gets some wild idea and he takes Uncle Si, Jep, Martin, and Godwin along with him for whatever trick he has up his sleeve next.  And then Willie finds them up to no good.

Who knew four men with long beards who hunt, fish and make duck calls could be one of the funniest things on TV?   Add in the fact that they pray and don’t really flaunt the fact that they are worth millions of dollars.  I think it is just what America needs right now!   The Robertson Family could really teach America some lessons!

Southern Belle Contemplates Monday: NASCAR and Me

I love NASCAR and have for over ten years now.  I will never forget the turning point for me.  I had watched NASCAR off and on for a few years and if you asked me who my favorite driver was I would say “Jeff Gordon”.  Then Dale Earnhardt Jr came along and I just thought he was dreamy.  But even then I was not hooked.  February 18th, 2001 changed that forever.  I watched on TV the wreck that happened in the final turn on the final lap.  I heard Darrell Waltrip speak those mesmerizing words, “God I hope Dale is okay”.  And later I heard those words spoken that no NASCAR fan wanted to hear, “Dale Earnhardt was the father of four”.  “Was” not “is”.  He was gone, the biggest figure in the sport had died and I had never taken the time to really watch him drive, to see him in his glory.

I remember watching all the events of the week in awe.  I couldn’t get enough of them; I was drawn in my Dale Earnhardt’s death.  I tuned in the next week and cried when Dale Jr wrecked on the first lap and cried even more when Steve Park won the rain delayed Rockingham race on Monday afternoon.  I probably went through two boxes of tissues that week with all the tears I cried.  I was starting to get hooked but was not there yet.  Then came July 7th, 2001, a Saturday night race in Daytona, the first time back at the track since Dale’s death.  This is the race that changed me forever.  I watched in amazement all night as Dale Jr raced through the field.  And just when everyone was counting him out, with his restart position after a late race caution.  But Dale Jr was determined that night and he had a newly winged angel on his side.  When that red number eight car took the checkered flag with Michael Waltrip pushing it, the tears poured and I was hooked forever.  Dale Earnhardt Jr overcame so much there that night and I was amazed at how he did it.

Today I still love NASCAR and I still like Dale Earnhardt Jr but the sport is changing and I’m not sure if I like the direction it is taking.  There is one reason and one reason only that has me questioning NASCAR’s future, and that reason goes by the name of Danica Patrick.  In my opinion she is single-handedly ruining the sport.  I know as a female fan I should like the fact that a female driver is turning so many heads and making so much progress, but I don’t.  And yes if it was a different female drive I may feel differently but I doubt it.  For me what I love best about NASCAR is its tradition.  I love the fact that there are a few families that have been around since the start of NASCAR and they continue to be active in the sport in some form.  I like the tradition of “Gentleman Start Your Engines”, can’t say that with “her” in the field.

I know times are changing; they have been ever since the death of Dale Earnhardt, but at least after his death the tradition continued.  As much as I love NASCAR and its tradition with “her” in the field I have a hard time being the fan I once was.  To me the sport will not be the same till she is gone from it, and I don’t know if that is happening anytime soon.