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Food Week: Chocolate Toffee Oat Bars 

For Christmas one of my Secret Santa gifts was a Toll House Bake Book, you know one of those little ones you see at the checkout counter.  Well it turns out the person who was my Secret Santa had a Birthday in February and they are not really a sweets person, but do like toffee.  So these bars seemed like the perfect fit to celebrate her Birthday.  I first became aware of this recipe through that cookbook she gave me for Christmas but also found it online (https://www.verybestbaking.com/recipes/144594/chocolate-toffee-oat-bars/).  Now I am not a big toffee eater but this was actually really good.  I was impressed with just how good it was.  They are strong so a little piece goes a long way but well worth it.  Everybody seemed to love them, especially the Birthday Girl; she eve had seconds, which is saying a lot.  



Secret Santa Time

It’s that time of year again. Time for Secret Santa! At work we do four weeks of Secret Santa so next week is week one for us. It’s always fun three small gifts from a mystery person and then one bigger gift and the big reveal of who had your time the final week. We have so much fun with this each year. I can’t wait to see what my first gift is.

In Search Of My Christmas Spirit

Usually I love Christmas time and last year I had all my gifts purchased by this time but this year I just can not get in the Spirit.  This year I don’t know what to buy the people on my list and it just doesn’t really feel like Christmas time.  I’ve been watching the non-stop Christmas movies on Hallmark Channel and usually those make me happy but not this year.  I have listen to the Duck Dynasty Christmas cd at least fifty times, and while I love it, it too has not gotten me in the Spirit.  We are on week two of four of Secret Santa at work but it just isn’t the same this year.   A few weeks ago I tried watching my favorite Christmas Movie White Christmas and I feel asleep.  I have started my Christmas cards but again it’s half hearted.   I don’t know when or where I lost my Christmas Spirit but I would love to get it back.