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Getting Back in the Reading Groove 

I am starting to get back into the reading groove.  I have started listening to my car reads agian and while I have not finished the book I was reading before the new year I did make some good progress on it this weekend.  I am hoping to finish it in the next day or two.  Then the dilima will be which of the many books I want to read I will actually read next.  I’m thinking about the new read with Jenna book but I am not sure.  I guess I will just know when the time comes.  

Southern Belle Reads: A Few Updates

🚙 My most recent completed car read was The Mister by E L James the author of the Fifty Shades Series.  Wow a totally different story than Fifty Shades but very good.  

📚 I really need to start my 5&10 reading again.  I have really let it slip by.  
📚 Next year I am going to try and a) catch up on and b) stay up on the Read with Jenna books (from the Today Show).  I hardly ever watch the Today Show but her book picks seem to be pretty popular and good.
📚 Right now the Goodreads Reader Choice Voting is going on.  I have to say I’m a little unhappy that Grateful American didn’t make the cut.  To me that was by far the best book of 2019.