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Mingle The Mouse Way

If you are a Disney Fan, like me, you have probably heard there is now an online dating site for Fans of the Mouse called Mouse Mingle.  Now let me start out by saying personally I do not feel like online dating is the way for me to find my prince charming.  But I wanted to see what Mouse Mingle was so I joined for about a day.  It was a real eye opener to say the least.  I hope people on there find a love match.  I think sites like Match and eHarmony probably have better technology but I think it is nice that Disney fans have a place where they can go to meet other Disney fans,  if on-line dating is their thing.  If I change my mind about on-line dating then I might think about trying Mouse Mingle for real but until then I will wait for my prince charming to ride up on his white horse or my Rhett Butler to be standing at the bottom of the stairs.  I guess this Southern Belle is just a little too old fashioned.

31 Day Blogging Challenge Day 20: Where I Want to be in 10 Years

Writing, hopefully as my full time job.  Happily married to a man who is the perfect mix of Rhett Butler, Mr Darcy, and Prince Charming.  Living live to the fullest and enjoying each day. 

Southern Belle Wedding 

I have found where I want to get married!  There is this beautiful antebellum house in Natchez called Dunleith, that is a bed and breakfast and they now host weddings.  This is how a Southern Belle should get married.  Not only is the house beautiful but the grounds are too.  If you get married there you are sure to have a wedding to remember and pictures to back it up.  Now if only I could find the staircase with Rhett Butler standing at the bottom or if Prince Charming decides to give that white horse of his a break and stop to ask for directions.  





Wearing My Heart On My Sleeve

I don’t usually open up about my personal and love life but I thought today I would.  Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, a Day for Lovers.  Well to me it’s just another day.  Last year though I thought maybe I was heading in the right direction for once in my life.  I thought I had found the perfect man, I just had to get him to see it. But it was not to be, he already had someone to love him and love back.  And boy was he PERFECT!  I saw us going to Disney together wearing our Minnie and Mickey ears, holding hands walking down Main Street USA, kissing in front of Cinderella’s Castle and taking a horse drawn carriage ride around Port Orleans.  I saw us taking sunset walks on the beach in the Outer Banks and smiling arm in arm in front of the Lighthouse in Corolla.  I saw us spending a romantic weekend in Savannah, enjoying dinner for two by the stream in Gatlinburg, and showing him the Badlands.  I saw me coming home from work and cooking dinner for him.  But my hopes and dreams faded away and my prince charming feel off his white horse. And now here I sit waiting for my real Prince Charming to gallup up on his white horse.

Falling In Love

100_6801Why is it that the girl who believes in love at first sight and fairy tale endings can’t find love herself?  I know my prince charming is out there somewhere but it seems like he got lost along the way because it is taking him a long time to get here.  I wonder if he will ride up on a white horse or a pick-up truck and if he will be a true southern gentleman.  Maybe I have already meet him and he’s just waiting for the defining moment when he realizes that he and I together would be better than us on our own.  Time will only tell!