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10 Places/Things I’ve Been/Done That Still Make Me Pinch Myself

I thought I would share a list of ten places/things I have been/done that still surprise even myself.

1) New Orleans, LA

2) Eating beignets at the Cafe Du Monde

3) Staying in a Royal Guest room at Port Orleans Riverside (not just once but twice now)

4) Dinner at Paula Dean’s Lady and Sons restaurant in Savannah (twice)

5) Staying at the Christmas Place Hotel in Pigeon Forge, TN

6) Kentucky Wildcats Basketball game at Rupp Arena

7) Garth Brooks concert, twice

8) Seeing a Grand Ole Opry induction from the front row

9) Grand Ole Opry at the Ryman

10) Staying at the Opryland Hotel

Two Coming this Year:

1) Disney Cruise

2) Eating at Cinderella’s Castle

My Disney World Favorites Day 1: Port Orleans Riverside

Let’s start at the first stop on my Disney vacations, the resort. Yes a Disney Vacation is all about the parks but really the resort is where it all begins. This is where you start and end each day. We always stay at Port Orleans Riverside. I love the atmosphere there. It’s the perfect hotel for a Southern Belle. Riverside is next to the French Quarter and you can walk back and forth, together they put off the feel of New Orleans. You have the plantations in Magnolia Bend the bayou houses in Alligator Bayou, and the “city” at the French Quarter. We always ask for the Magnolia Bend side, it feels more open and colorful to me than Alligator Bayou. Plus of course it doesn’t heart that it’s the plantation side. Yes this resort is popular with families but it is quaint.

A Few Random Thoughts

🌸 I have been keeping my reading at the PG level lately but I think I might need a steamy romance pretty soon.  Any suggestions?

🌸 My thoughts are with those people who have had their vacations effected by the huge power outage in the Outer Banks.  I know how excited I am for my vacation I’m two months and how disappointed I would be if I couldn’t go.

🌸 I recently tried ogx eucalyptus mint shampoo and conditioner and I really like it.  So if you are looking for something new you might want to give ogx a look.

🌸 Last night I was going to watch Country Crush on Netflix, I had no idea it was a musical.  

🌸 Have you seen the new Vera Bradley bedding?  I want it!

🌸 I really want a magnolia tree.  My grandma had one and it was her pride and joy in her yard.  I took it for granted but now I wish I didn’t.

🌸 We are starting to price a Disney trip for early next year and Port Orleans Riverside, where we always stay and I love so much, is more expensive than some of the other moderate resorts.  Any suggestions on other moderate resorts?

Disney Photo Week Day 7

What better way to finish off a Southern Belle’s Disney Photo Week than with a true vision of the South. I love Port Orleans Riverside because a Southern Belle can feel like a Southern Belle there, especially in Magnolia Bend.  This picture is of part of Magnolia Bend, which is my favorite side,  in my opinion Alligator Bayou is more dark and boring.  It doesn’t feel as homey to me as Magnolia Bend does.  But overall I love the old sourtherm charm I get from Riverside. 

New Orleans

Ever since my, way too short, visit to New Orleans earlier this year, I have been enamored with that city.  I want to take in everything New Orleans.  I think that is one of the reasons I am loving NCIS: New Orleans so much.  I am reading the book of blog posts by author Heather Graham titled “Why I Love New Orleans”.  I find myself looking for romance novels set in New Orleans.  Heck, I am even waiting to stay at Port Orleans French Quarter one night when we go to Florida in November just so I can see what it is like.  We always stay at Riverside when we go but I want to try the French Quarter once.  I purchased a Mega Millions ticket last week and I said one of the first things I would do if I won was take a trip to New Orleans so I could get it out of my system.  I never dreamed I would be drawn to this one of a kind city like I was but I am in complete and utter awe. 


I’m A Little Sad Today 

I am a little sad this morning; I am not going to lie.  The past two years on this first Saturday in May we have been going into Disney World for our vacation.  I thought I would be okay with not going this spring but it is turning out that I am not.  I want to see the Castle, The Tree of Life, and the EPCOT Ball.  I want to feel the pain in my feet from walking so much around the parks.  I want to taste the wonderful food at all my favorite restaurants, watch the evening firework shows and then go back to the hotel and crawl into that wonderful bed at Port Orleans.  Surprisingly I am even a little sad about missing the Flower and Garden Show.  I never really dreamed I would like it that much.  I have two Disney shirts sitting here with tags still on; I bought them when I thought we were going back this spring.  Now they are waiting to go just like me.   I need to get my Disney Side on! Hopefully a trip this fall will work out I am having Disney withdraws. 





Disney Week Day 1: The Resorts

This year we ended up staying at two different Disney Resorts.  4 nights at Port Orleans Riverside and 1 Night at Coronado Springs.   Riverside is the only place I have stayed at on property and I love it.  So it was fun to try someplace new, even if it was for one night.  Coronado is very beautiful and reminds me a lot of Port Orleans.  There is a lot more walking at Coronado than at Port Orleans.  The walk up to the lobby/restaurant area was like walking from the front of EPCOT all the way to the back of the World Showcase, if not longer.  It was a least a very beautiful relaxing walk but to walk that way in the heat just for a drink would it really be worth it?  You would probably be in need of another drink by the time you walked back to your room.  Port Orleans has walking too don’t get me wrong but it seems like they have a few different paths that lead to the same place and so it doesn’t seem to take as long.  At Port Orleans we ended up with one of the Royal Rooms which by the way was Amazing!  Even at 30 I was super excited to stay in one of the “Princess Rooms”!  The head-board with the fire works was one of the cutest things I have ever saw.  In the end I still like Port Orleans Riverside better than Coronado Springs.  Then again maybe I am just like it better because it has Magnolia Bend which looks like Southern Plantation Homes.


The Room at Port Orleans



The Room at Coronado Springs



The Head-Board



Port Orleans Riverside