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31 Day Blogging Challenge Day 2: 20 Facts About Me 

20 Facts about Me…
1) I am a hopeless romantic

2) I am still looking for my Mr. Right

3) I love to bake

4) I am starting to love to cook

5) I am a Food Network Junkie

6) The Pioneer Woman is my favorite Food Network Show

7) My favorite vacation spot is the Outer Banks of NC; especially the town of Corolla

8) Surprisingly I love Disney World more now as an adult then I did when I was a kid

9) I enjoy all things southern

10) Gone With the Wind is my favorite book and movie

11) When I was a child my favorite movie was Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

12) Two Cities I would love to spend more time exploring are New Orleans and Savannah, there is just something about them that has drawn me in

13) I am a huge Civil War buff

14) I still love sending post cards from vacation, especially to the kids, and I still write thank you notes

15) I love Vera Bradley bags; even my luggage is Vera Bradley. I have been known to have a least 25 pieces of Vera Bradley with me on one trip. Of course I am in seventh heaven now that there are Disney Vera Bradley’s! (I even have Vera Bradley stickers on my laptop.)

16) I love crime shows: Blue Bloods, Criminal Minds, & Castle are probably my top three

17) I love to take pictures and make things out of the pictures I take

18) Pink is my favorite color

19) I love spoiling the kids

20) I love old antebellum homes

Southern Belle TV Viewing 

Lately my TV watching has been all over the board. I love shows like Blue Bloods, Castle, NCIS: New Orleans, Criminal Minds, Major Crimes, and Rizzoli and Iles. Then of course there is my addiction to the Food Network. My favorite is the Pioneer Woman, but I also like Triple D, and I have been getting into triple G. But the last couple weekends I have been addicted to Flea Market Flip on GAC. That’s right Flea Market Flip!!! I have no clue where that came from! I am not crafty like that at all but I enjoy seeing what the two teams can make out of stuff they purchased at a Flea Market. And let me tell you they have made some interesting things! And then there are some that are just flops. I first starting watching this show the weekend before last and this past weekend I found myself looking for this show on TV. It’s funny how are TV viewing can range so far.

Southern Belle Cooks: Coffee Cake

Yesterday was another Birthday day at work.  The Birthday Lady is a big coffee drinker so I thought I would see if I could find some kind of cake made with what else than coffee.  I found a Pioneer Woman recipe!  It was the best of both worlds!  I found a coffee cake and it was from one of my favorite cooks.  Her title for this cake: Coffee Cake, Literally.  I am so glad I made this cake.  It seemed to be a big hit!  This recipe is one I will probably use again.  If you like coffee you will like this cake.


Southern Belle Cooks: The Pioneer Woman’s Baked Ziti

Almost two weeks ago now I made the Pioneer Woman’s Baked Ziti recipe.  It was delicious!  And I didn’t have as much cheese as the recipe called for.  So it could only get better with the right amount of cheese.  There was only two of us eating it that night so it made a little too much for the two of us.  I ate it for lunch for a whole week and even gave some to one of the ladies at work.  I really liked the fact that you made your own spaghetti sauce.  I never realized it was that easy to make spaghetti sauce and I actually think it was better than any jar sauce.  I would defiantly make it again, but I would try cutting the recipe in half, so I don’t end up with as much leftover.  I highly recommend trying this recipe.