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Wine In The Smokies

Over the past several years winery’s have become very popular in the Smoky Mountains. In fact my favorite wine is from one of the Gatlinburg winery’s. Sugarland Cellars sits right on the Gatlinburg Parkway almost at the end right before you head up into the park. It is also nicely located to The Puddler restaurant. That’s usually what I do, eat at The Peddler and then walk over and purchase some wine to take home with me. My favorite is their Baskins Creek Blanc, it is perfect for any Southern Belle. It is made with honeysuckle and its flavor is memorizing. I have tried a few of the wines from other winery’s down there too but there is something about the one in the blue bottle that keeps me coming back for more.






Food In The Smokies

One of my favorite things about going to the Smoky Mountains is the food.  The food in the Smokies is Amazing!  One of my favorite places to eat while in the mountains is The Old Mill.  I love their Chicken and Dumplings.  Plus when you go to The Old Mill for Dinner you will not leave there hungry.  Salad, soup, meat, all you can eat mashed potatoes and green beans, corn fritters, rolls, and a dessert.  I always have to take my dessert to go, this time it was apple cobbler that I ate for breakfast the next day and it was Great.  Another one of our favorite restaurants is owned by The Old Mill and is actually across the street, it is called the Pottery House Café and their cheese steak sandwich (like a Philly cheese steak) is mouth-watering.  They also make the best cinnamon raisin pecan bread you can purchase and we use it to make French toast for breakfast while we are down there.  A restaurant we like to go to in Gatlinburg, but it is a little pricy, is The Peddler.  They have really good steak.  We did not go their this past trip but it is usually a regular while we are down there.  They have steaks and a salad bar, what more could you ask for?  A lot of people like the Apple Barn while they are down there, while it is not one of my favorites it is good.  Their Apple Julep is a nice refreshing drink.  And these are just a few of the many restaurants in the Smoky Mountains.

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Fun In The Smokies

Just being in the Smoky Mountains is fun but last weekend while we were there we went to the Island in Pigeon Forge.  It is a new shopping/entertainment complex.  The thing it is probably best known for is it’s wheel.  The giant ferris wheel you can see from miles away.  But there is also an arcade, 7D movie, mirror maze, many stores, Ole’ Smoky’s Moonshine, Bootlegger’s Wine,  a Mellow Mushroom Select, and coming soon a Paula Deen restaurant.  We did the mirror maze which was interesting but not really worth the price.  We also had a cupcake from Sweet Shoppe of the South, which it’s owners were featured on an episode of Cupcake Wars.  While the island is still a work in progress with more stuff going in and room for more.  I was really impressed with it and can’t wait to go back when the Paula Deen restaurant is opened. j





My Home for the Weekend (In The Mountains)

This past weekend was my weekend in the mountains.  It was nice to be back in the mountains again.  The one year old and the six year old did not go.  I did miss them but it was kind of nice without them.  I had fun, read a little, eat great food, and spent time with family.  My parents have a timeshare so we stayed at one of the timeshare places.  We had a little hut, as I like to call them, as our home for the weekend.  My cousin, his wife and the thirteen year old came down too and they had a condo on the same property.  I really like the “huts”.  We had a two bedroom with two full baths, a gas fireplace, a great reading chair, and a kitchen for cooking breakfast.  What more could a Southern Belle ask for?