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When Did I Grow Up? 

I had a realization today that hit me like a ton of bricks.  When did I become the grown up with the pandora bracelet on my wrist, the Dooney and Burke purse on my shoulder, and the Lancôme makeup on my face?  It felt like just yesterday I was the teenager that wore jelwrey from Clair’s and bought purses at Walmart.  It was a crazy realization that I have come this far in my life.  

Disney Week Day 6: The Shopping

Everywhere you look at Disney there is a gift shop.  Rides leave you off into gift shops.  Each resort has at least one gift shop.  Downtown Disney has the World of Disney, which is like a large Disney Store.   I think I bought everything that was not nailed down.  Good thing I had a lot of Disney Gift cards!  I did also purchase some gifts for other people.


My Personal Shopping List

  • t-shirt
  • Disney Vera Bradley purse
  • Minnie bead for my Pandora
  • 2 cookbooks
  • scarf
  • photo album
  • 4 pairs of earrings
  • book
  • sticker for my car (the female of the Disney family since it is only me, she is wearing a Minnie t-shirt and Minnie ears)
  • bottle of wine
  • Mickey head wine stoppers