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NASCAR’s New Chase Format

I will be the first to tell you, I am not liking this new NASCAR Chase format one bit.  Why change something that was not broken?  I love NASCAR and have been a fan for many years now but this new chase format is about to turn me away from the sport.  I don’t know how other fans are feeling but it makes no sense to me.  At least with the old way a driver had a chance till the very end as long as they were in  striking distance.  Not now!  Now they have to make it through rounds.  So a bad race in one round could be your chance is over where with the old way that was not the case.  I want the old way back! 

And Then There Were Three

Nine Months ago 42 men and 1 woman set out on their quest to be the last one standing.  Nine weeks ago those 43 were narrowed down to 13.   And now that number is down to three.  And by Sunday evening two more will be out and the last man standing will finally be decided.  After Sunday’s race at Homestead-Miami the 2013 Sprint Cup Champion will be decided.  That one man will start his celebrating and the other 42 drivers will start thinking about their preparations for the start of the new season in three months, trying to find what they need to be the last one standing this same time next year.  Will it be Kevin Harvick?  Will it be Matt Kenseth?  Will it be Jimmie Johnson?  Johnson will start Sunday’s race with a 28 point lead over Kenseth and a 34 point lead over Harvick.  So these two men can not be counted out yet.  Johnson has been here before and has 5 Championships under his belt.  Will this be his 6th?  We will have to wait and see.  It should be interesting!