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My Disney Vacation 2017 In Review 

All in all it was a good trip.  I think we found a few new favorite restaurants while a few fell off the list of “Must Do’s”.  There were a few things I would have liked to see but didn’t, which to me means a reason to start planning another trip.  I got a new Dooney and Bourke purse, three new Pandora Charms, an adorable new coffee mug, two cookbooks, and some great snap shots.  My feet held up with all the walking.  I got to say good-bye to Wishes and hello to River of Lights.  We had a fun time with my cousin and his girlfriend.  I got to see the Flower and Garden show again.  I can’t complain!  

My Disney Vacation 2017 In Steps 

I knew there was a lot of walking at Disney so I made sure to have a working pedomiter for this trip so I could see just how much.  In total I walked over 80,000 steps.  My saving grace for my feet: good shoes, good socks, foot pads, and vapor rub.  I would rub the vapor rub on the bottom of my feet each night after we resturned to the hotel and I think that helped my foot muscles from aching.  I know it sounds strange but I feel like it really helped.  I was not about to rub BenGay on them that would burn too much.  

My Disney Vacation 2017 Day 5: Saying Good-bye and Be Our Guest 

The fifth day of my Disney Vacation was also my final day at Disney. It just seemed like I started my Disney Vacation and it was already over. I was sad. We were going to go to Disney Springs for a bit and then onto the Magic Kingdom since we had dinning reservations at Be Our Guest for dinner. But we failed to get the one thing my mom wanted most from this trip at EPCOT while we were their earlier in the week so we made a trip to EPCOT and then onto the Magic Kingdom (good thing we buy the park hopper).  I am a huge fan of Be Our Guest after eating there.  I think it might be the number one must do again.  I tried the grey stuff, I don’t know if I would say it was decilious, but it was very good.  

My Disney Vacation 2017 Day 3 Magic Kingdom


Even at thirty-three years old the Magic Kingdom is probably my favorite Disney Park.  I think it is the atmosphere of the park.  There is nothing like walking through the front gate seeing the train station and then emerging from the tunnel and seeing the beginning of Main Street USA and then rounding the corner from the circle acrystal palacend seeing Cinderella’s castle welcoming you.  And this trip to the Magic Kingdom found me finding one of my two new favorite restaurants, The Crystal Palace.  We had breakfast and the Crystal Palace

and I really enjoyed it.  Not only did I like the food at the Crystal Palace I thought it was very pretty in there too.  That will be a must do on my next Disney Vacation, with or without kids, even though it is character dinning.  Of course our day at the Magic Kingdom (that day) turned pretty soggy quickly after breakfast.  No sooner we got on rainy daythe train at the Main Street Station to make a loop around the park, a thunderstorm rolled in and we had to exit the train at the first stop.  So we decided to make it a short day at the Magic Kingdom, but would return later for dinner.  One thing that was really cool to see was as we were working our way to the exit there was a rainy day parade.  Dinner that night was at Tony’s Town Square, which used to be one of my favorites at the Magic Kingdom but it really didn’t do much for me this time.  I love the Lady and the Tramp theme but the food was just okay this time.  After dinner it was almost time to catch Wishes for one last time.  I am really going to miss that stony's town squarehow but I can’t wait to see the new one.  It is just so cool watching fireworks with a castle in front of it.  (We ended up watching the fireworks from the back of the Castle this night.) fireworks


My Disney Vacation 2017 Day 2 EPCOT

DSCN0292EPCOT is probably my least favorite park but I do love the Flower and Garden Show.  That is one of the reasons we went when we did.  EPCOT to me is the hottest park of them all, very little shade, ecpecially in the World Showcase.  And there really is not many rides.  Illuminations is nice and if you can get lucky enough to get a late reservation and an outside seat at Rose and Crown they have some of the best viewing for Illuminations.  This trip I was very excited for EPCOT because I had a princess breakfast reserved in Normway.  I know I am 33 years old but I have never dined with princesses during any of my past visits to Disney World.  The princess breakfast was okay and I really don’t have to go again, unless of course we have the two girls with us.  Any my Rose and Crown reservation was late enough and we were out side so we were able to see Illuminations great.  I did not ride the new Frozen ride while we were there so that just gives me a reason to go back, right?

Flower and Garden

My Disney Vacation 2017 Day 1 Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios Sign

I want to love Hollywood Studios but there is not really enough to do there to make me love it.  I really enjoy Toy Story Midway Mania, Beauty and the Beast, and Fantasmic and the Great Movie Ride and the Muppets 3D are okay.  But outside of these few things I am searching for things to kill time.  I hope once Toy Story Land and Star Wars Land have been completed there will be more to keep busy until Fantasmic starts.  And the bad thing this time was I didn’t even get to see Beauty and the Beast, the last show was at 5:00, which was while we were eating and Fantasmic didn’t start till 9:00 that was still four hours I would have loved to watch the Beauty and the Beast show somewhere in those four hours.  While at Hollywood Studios we ate at Hollywood and Vine which is okay but not one of my favorites.  I will say if you have young kids Hollywood and Vine does have nice character dinning.  For me the fact that Hollywood Studios doesn’t have a whole lot to keep you busy was one of the reasons I started with it, since I knew we would not get a full day in since it was check in day.